Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Sewing Room Tour

Hi there,

I know, I know... it's been ages again. *blows dust away*
I won't tell you how sorry I am for being mia here, I always do, and nothing changes though.
But I really do feel bad about it.

Anyway... a lot of things have happened through all this months. Another job, another move... but closer to home again and this time I will hopefully stay put for a quite a bit.
So I'm back to the east, moved together with my boyfriend and work part-time in a craft store with teaching sewing classes and stuff.

Okay, that should cover the most important facts about my current where-abouts. I don't want to bore you out with that.

On to topic!

What is the best thing about moving into a new apartment? Right, setting up a new sewing room/space.
When looking for apartments we did take a separate sewing room for me into account and we found one with a great layout in a refurbished building from the early 1900s. It has (besides a master and a guest bathroom plus a middle sized kitchen with balcony) 2 middle sized bedrooms, a small bedroom and a ridiculously large living room.*
As we would never need such a huge living room for just watching TV, we turned one of the middle bedrooms to our living room and so this awesomely large room is my very own home dressmaking studio now. *woot*
The room is still not fully set (will it ever be??), but quite close and only details left (making all boxes looking equal and small decorating stuff like that). I also stocked up some of my work equipment and got a male dressform. Another one or two female dressforms are on my list, but will have to wait for a bit still.

But you want pictures I'm sure... so here we go... the 24sqm in all their glory:

We're starting clockwise at the view from the door. On the left is the cutting area. I build up my new cutting table using this idea with 16 LACK tables from ikea. On top I put a thin, white coated MDF-board to smooth out the surface. It has an awesome size of 2.2 x1.1m, perfect for those big victorian skirt pieces.
The shelving unit houses most of my patterns and drafting instructions and stuff from fashion and master's school.
From there we go over to the sewing and pressing area.
I got a new active ironing board with air function and a semi-professional ironing station this spring. So now I can do steam-molding at home.
On the table behind I have my serger set up. Left of it right at the wall you'll get a glimpse of my "new" ironing press. It's actually an old one but it's been a very lucky find at a thrift and antiquity store. We got it for just 20 bucks. It was pretty dirty and the closing hook is missing. We added a "make do" one and I cleaned it thoroughly and now it's good to go again *yay*.
On the table at the window I have my trusty Veritas sewing machine. I hold her dear as I got her from my Mom. I don't use her as often now, as I got the semi-professional machine from my Granny set up and running again (the old engine died while trying her out and it also wasn't safe anymore after about 40 years or so). She's a very old Lady, but also manages the really hard stuff.
When I got her back from the repair she had a size 120/20 needle in. O.O I never used a needle that large before.
Next to the machines I've got more shelvings that house most of my notions, my modern computerized sewing machine, some office and art stuff as well as my whole collection of sewing and costume books.
It also serves as a room divider and separates my little office area from the rest of the room. So it's also shielded a bit from outside viewers.
The remaining shelf unit near the door holds all of my fabric (except the rolled coutil and some bolted tulle) sorted mostly by fiber and a bit by solid/patterned and black-white/coloured. It doesn't look that much in all those boxes, but we're talking a good 300m total here.
The office part is really narrow and I only have a rather uncomfortably stool here, so I often take my laptop over to the table at the window and work from there.
The white cabinet is actually one that is supposed to go over a washing machine. That's what I had also gotten it for originally. But when moving to master's school, it became my kitchen cupboard with the fridge underneath. After that I had to put it into the build-in closet of the hallway to store away cleaning and other household stuff, as it didn't fit into the washing machine niche by one (!) cm.
This time my bf didn't want it over the washing machine, so yelled "here" and now I stored my office file folders in there... it's just the perfect size.
You see this is a very versatile piece that can be alienated a lot. ;)
On the "office" wall I put my antique fashion plates.
My costumes are currently stored on the rack behind the door, I hope once we get a larger closet unit in our bedroom I can put most of it there and will then be able to use this corner better.

Okay... I hope you enjoyed this little tour.
Tell me what you think.
Thanks for reading

*(I know this sounds really luxurious, but we were just really lucky to find this place in an area that was empty and quite dead during the last 20 years and is right now build up again. When we came here last fall, you could actually shoot great zombie movies outside ^^. On New Years morning it looked like the new "The Walking Dead" filming location, with all the firework remains there.)


  1. Oh, what a wonderful space! I wish I could expand my 10'x12' little sewing room and extend my LACK cutting table. So glad you were able to build one for yourself! Happy sewing in your beautiful studio!

    1. Thank you very much. I had pinned your great sewing room posts for quite a while and the LACK cutting table was the best solution to my tight budget. I got really weird looks hauling all 16 tables on the cart and to IKEA checkout ^^.

  2. Das kenne ich. Kaum ist das Nähzimmer eingerichtet, bekommt man schon wieder Lust es umzuräumen. ^^
    Ein Umzug kommt da gerade recht und du hast wirklich ein tolles Arbeitsreich bekommen. Da macht das Nähen bestimmt drei Mal so viel Spaß.

    1. Hihi, das große Zimmer hat auch schon/noch so seine Problemzonen... Ich hab im Voraus an die 30 Einrichtungsversionen erstellt und immer war irgendwas... So schön die Fenster sind, so vermisse ich doch etwas geschlossene Wandfläche ^^.
      Mit dem neuen Bügelbrett wars auch so ein Drama wohin damit und da bin ich auch noch am grübeln... Da wo Platz wäre, kann ich es nicht hinstellen wegen der höheren Dampfmenge...
      Aber ich sollte echt nicht meckern... vor allem der große Zuschneidetisch ist Gold wert.