Wednesday, June 3, 2015

New Year, new stuff

Hey again, my dears!

So on we go with the little catch up trip.

We stopped around the change of the years. Just before the Christmas holidays at home I ordered the mentioned new fabric. Beware it'll get very colourful.

This one, but in red for me
and this one for my boyfriend.

I probably will never hold such fabrics in my stash.

You've might already guessed the occasion for colours like that... a 70s party was ahead.
My boyfriends mum had her 60th birthday 60s/70s themed and wanted her guests to come in costume. And you know what it's like...
"Hey your girlfriend is a dressmaker, surely she can quickly whip up some great costume for you...."
Erm... not really. Especially as the 70s are not really my favourite fashion era. At least not the 1970s *lol*

Another first time was making mens' fashion.
While still in school we had the opportunity to create a slim fit dress shirt pattern with our boyfriend's/husband's/brother's, etc. measurements via CAD and have it plotted if wished.
So I went to try it right in the eye-cancer-creating fabric. The fitting then showed that my boyfriend rather needs a regular fit pattern, as he has quite protruding lower ribs. Also he has rather broad shoulders for his clothes size.
I altered the back a best as I could, still the shirt ended up a bit tight around the shoulders and upper arms.
My boyfriend liked it anyway and even accompanied me to buy matching flower buttons in neon pink and yellow (and was a bit shocked, how much buttons can cost ^^).

For my dress I searched the web for 70s pattern images and came across this one:

The red dress seemed really fitting for my fabric and the pattern was perfect for my taste- not too short and a higher neckline.

I adapted the Burda "Danielle" dress pattern by lowering the empire waist line, lengthening the sleeve and raising the neckline. Also I bought a white wide belt, just as the image shows.
The dress is fully lined in light green (as the satin was rather shine through and thin) and is closed with a blue invisible zipper. Both came from my stash again.

Here's the result:

and in action

We both wear "peace"-necklaces and plateau boots, and I had put some gores into an old pair of my boyfriend's jeans just the night before the party. Also I made some sunflower hair clips for me, while my boyfriend had grown a mustache for 2 weeks before the party.

I hope you don't have burning eyes now ;)

Thanks for reading, see you soon

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