Friday, May 29, 2015

Alive and sewing

My dears,

are you still around here? I'd understand if you aren't.
I can't really express how bad I feel about not being active here... well in the writing way at least - I do read your posts every day.

Well, now there's a lot to catch up with, I'm gonna make a few posts as to not overwhelm you.

Let's start back last summer, finishing up my masters class.
There's actually not so much to tell.
The remainder of the exam went fairly smooth and I graduated top of class.*blushes*

After school was over I practically took care of my moving matters, as I had only about two weeks left to get out of my student apartment. So August was mostly about getting settled into my new apartment and the new town.

Just before starting my new job at a small town theatre, my boyfriend and I went to a 4-day-holiday to Austria with his parents.
The spa hotel was quite luxurious... more than I would have ever choosen for a holiday... although now that I've got a taste of it... *lol*

Anyway... just back from the small holiday the new job started.
Getting settled into everything takes some time and quite some energy.

So only October then found me back at the sewing machine. (After last sewing in late July - a dress for the school masters celebration party and then packing everything up for moving and then just making a sewing machine mat.)
The "great" masters diploma ceremony was ahead and as I had grown out of most of my better clothes, something new was in order. I decided on a late victorian inspired dress. So I first had to make a new corset. I don't have any pictures of it yet, but it's plain black satin and made of the Truly Victorian 110 pattern.

The dress itself was made by adapting patterns from "Fashions of the Gilded Age".

The fabrics I snapped up in school and everything else I used came from my stash. So I actually spent 0€ on this dress ^^
For the ceremony I wore it without the overskirt. This would have been just too much ;)
The ceremony itself was pretty good. I won two prizes- one for graduating top of class and one for being one of the six best graduates in the chamber district... out of over 150. Pretty cool, huh?
But I don't want to brag ;)

One of the prizes was a bookshop gift card... but I haven't decided on what to get yet... any suggestions? Something about sewing/costumes etc... but what???

However with October being almost over and November doing more apartment stuff, December found me sewing again.
A Christmas present for my boyfriend... actually more meant as a fun gift, he adores and uses it alot now.

There's a little story about how I came to the idea of his present:
A few weeks prior he happened to having spontaneous stay overnight at one of his building sites. So he had nothing with him, no clothes to change, no toiletry stuff.
So he ended up having to buy the last and handwash and blowdry his socks in the hotel bathroom. *lol*

So I decided to make him an "Emergency-Overnight-Kit". I unfortunately don't have any pictures (I maybe can take some, we'll see), but it's basically a bit of a bigger toiletry bag that not only holds small bottles of body wash, shampoo, hairspray, a travelling toothbrush and all you need for an overnight stay, but also has enough space for a change of clothes (T-Shirt, underwear, socks) as well as a small towel and other neccessities (lighter, bandaids, painkillers, tissues,...) and most important a super sealed zip lock bag for his worn socks. I put a "Biohazard" sticker on it... believe me that's really neccessary after he steps out of is workshoes *eyeroll*
Well, he really loved it and immediately tried to get his boss to have a whole set made for all of his coworkers *lol*. It can be hung or stuffed into the trunk of the car and just wait there for being used.

And again I made it completely using stash materials. You see I'm on a stash busting mission...
Yet late December had me ordering new fabric, as I had a project ahead where none of my 200m of stashfabric would have fit.
But that I'll show you next time...

Thanks for reading

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