Tuesday, July 15, 2014

That was fast...

Holla, 3 months gone like nothing.

Jeesh, is it really 3 months again since my last post? Obviously, according to my calendar, it is.
Sorry again for being so mia.

So what has kept my busy? School first of all... we're now almost done with master class.
We're halfway through our big practical exam, all other exams are passed.

The exam lasts until Saturday officially and on Monday it closes with the interview/presentation in front of members of the examination board of the chamber of crafts.

Next Friday we'll hold a "Small Master-celebration" at our school with a barbecue. And then... we're done... for real.
It's hard to believe that the school year is over already. Time flew by soooo fast.

So this brings me to what else has kept my busy during the last weeks... job search.
While it was draging on slowly for quite a while it then went pretty fast. I went to a job interview on Friday 13th (after luckily being able to postponing the date for a week because of school) and got the job offer the following Tuesday.
So one point checked on the list, bringing on the next points: apartment hunting. Worked quite the same, suddenly it worked out really quick (I fell in love with the first apartment we looked at, which I found rather accidentally^^) so now the lease is already signed and I even managed to deal with the usual jobcenter trouble just before the practical exam (while studying etc. for the other exams). I've got another appointment next Wednesday in the town I'll be moving into, but I'm confindent it'll work out alright.
It's really nervewrecking how much trouble you have, just because you need to bridge 2 months until your first salary from the new job. But oh well...

Okay, I guess that's it for the moment... quite a short post for me ;)
So thanks again for staying around.

Hope to see you soon

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  1. Wow, that really seems to have been quite quick. Congratulations and all the best luck for your remaining exam!
    (I'll finally fire away at that e-mail of yours with some more questions now. :P)