Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas

I wish all of you a Merry, merry Christmas!!

Have a great time with your beloved ones.

Also I wish already wish you a Happy New Year.

I'm really sorry, I haven't been around since July, but settling in my new home and job are taking quite some time and energy.

But I'm fine so far, I've got my master craftswoman degree and now am looking forward to having some nice holidays with my family.

Hopefully next year I'll be back to posting a bit more again.

So see you

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

That was fast...

Holla, 3 months gone like nothing.

Jeesh, is it really 3 months again since my last post? Obviously, according to my calendar, it is.
Sorry again for being so mia.

So what has kept my busy? School first of all... we're now almost done with master class.
We're halfway through our big practical exam, all other exams are passed.

The exam lasts until Saturday officially and on Monday it closes with the interview/presentation in front of members of the examination board of the chamber of crafts.

Next Friday we'll hold a "Small Master-celebration" at our school with a barbecue. And then... we're done... for real.
It's hard to believe that the school year is over already. Time flew by soooo fast.

So this brings me to what else has kept my busy during the last weeks... job search.
While it was draging on slowly for quite a while it then went pretty fast. I went to a job interview on Friday 13th (after luckily being able to postponing the date for a week because of school) and got the job offer the following Tuesday.
So one point checked on the list, bringing on the next points: apartment hunting. Worked quite the same, suddenly it worked out really quick (I fell in love with the first apartment we looked at, which I found rather accidentally^^) so now the lease is already signed and I even managed to deal with the usual jobcenter trouble just before the practical exam (while studying etc. for the other exams). I've got another appointment next Wednesday in the town I'll be moving into, but I'm confindent it'll work out alright.
It's really nervewrecking how much trouble you have, just because you need to bridge 2 months until your first salary from the new job. But oh well...

Okay, I guess that's it for the moment... quite a short post for me ;)
So thanks again for staying around.

Hope to see you soon

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Oh dear... -.-'

My dear readers (if there are still any left),

I'm so very sorry, that I didn't manage to post for such a long time.
Not sure if I'm too busy or too lazy... or both at the same time *eyeroll*

Two third (or actually more like three quarters as there are quite a few weeks of school holidays are ahead) of my master's class are done, and we'll start on our exam project. Well we've begun earlier already and some of my class mates are quite abit ahead of me, but as I do have three weeks of easter holidays I will use the time then to get the exam portfolio done as far as possible. It's due on May 22nd, 8 o'clock sharp.
My plan was to get started with the flat drawing today, but as I couldn't open the necessary file I got from my teacher, I have to wait 'till she'll email me the missing part or a working file.

So I did some online shopping this morning and then went on to clean out my closet. I've gained a little weight during the last months (one might think right on time with my 30th b-day *lol*) there were a few pieces that are just too tight now and I won't make the excuses to keep them in case I might lose weight again (which is quite unlikely, I'm sure). I'm not sad for most clothes, only now I don't have any blouse left here... and one was a really great piece... perfect pattern, perfect fabric, perfect style... I will try to find a new one... or make one myself if I can't find any. Only now I have to alter all my basic patterns due to my new circumferences... *argh*...

But oh well... no tears about it... back to topic... master's class.
Well...only 6 (SIX!!) weeks of school ahead...*eek*
One exam is already passed (Part IV: vocational and occupational education). I passed with grade "good"... which is really good keeping in mind how awful this exam was this year... seems the other years it had been much easier and better... but we didn't have much luck... usually 80% of the female examinees pass with "very good", but this year one even failed and in the other classes even more didn't make it which is quite unusual according to the teachers). So I'm really happy with this grade.

Tomorrow we'll do the first part of the "big" practical exam (Part I). We are to make up a man's jacket for the first fitting. Meaning we'll draft the pattern for a dressform we draw from our 12 forms- including basic jacket pattern, front styled according to the sketch we get and matching sleeve and collar-, cut the fashion fabric and interfacing, mark all lines and positions, sew, baste and fabric molding with steam, attach one sleeve and the collar and in the end fill out a form stating what could have done better, and where the fit is off... and how to solve it.
And all of this within 8 hours. Seems hardly possible and we thought we'd never manage this, but it is possible. We had two test runs and they went quite alright. We're lucky that this exam is so early. Usually it is included in the whole exam block in July. But our teachers managed to have it done now... right after our 5-week intensive training of man's jackets.
I guess most of us are happy to sacrifice this day of the easter holidays for this.

Okay, what else have we been up to during the class... besides the whole theoretical stuff (not really blog worthy, a lot of business stuff, bookkeeping, calculating, a bit drawing, style and color theory, costume history (the usual boring school stuff^^), order &customer handling etc etc.), we did mostly work on variants of clothing details... hem vents, sleeve vents, inserted pockets (single and double welt, with flap), waistbands, button holes (handstitched and welted), cleavage turning and lining,... stuff like that to get a "masterly" technique... or so.
We did also some project work... for the lady who will be our model at the final exam we also made a skirt and a dress.
The dress-project was kind of a small test run of the final exam with portfolio and interview and all... it's a good thing to have this tried once before the big exam...
Also with the portfolio we created a great base for our exam portfolio as we can use many basic parts and only have to change it to match the new garments.

Oh and some of us have been to Paris for a "study" trip and February. It was nice, luckily my boyfriend could join us (jumped in for a class mate) so it was even nicer... and we even climbed the Eiffel tower.

Other than that the class includes visitings to several local/regional companies and fabric dealers... it always depends on what the teachers (and sometimes students) manage to arrange.

I'm quite happy that I went to this school and not the other one... It seems to have been the right decision. (If you want to know more about it, contact me via email.) I'd fully recommend it.

Have I even mentioned that I live in a senior home right now? Guess not, but I do. The story is not as weird or funny as it sounds... they had rooms free due to some changes in the buildings and rather to have them staying empty, they thought about how many students, trainees and interns search for room the the area, and room is really tight and expensive here.
So they decided to rent it out to young people, for a really good price... I was really happy to get a room. It feels more like a student dorm... but there isn't much of a community here... Anyway... I'll be gone from here by mid August latest...
I started to apply a few weeks ago... and I need to keep doing... hopefully I'll find a decent job (preferably one without 1000 overhours like the last)... any hints and suggestions or tips are very welcome.

Okay, I hope I made up abit for being silent so long. I know...long text, no pictures... but I don't have any that would show you much of the master's class.
If you want to know more (details), contact me, I'll be happy to tell you.

Sorry again and see you soon