Sunday, June 9, 2013

Completing the outfit

Hey my dears!

I know, it's been some time already since my last post, but oh well... here I am again ;)

WGT has long since passed and I owe you pics of the final NF dress. But before I show you the complete outfit worn, I've got to show you some more things I made to complete the dress.

First we've got a small cape. I made it to cover the neckline for modesty and cool temperature. It's a very simple shape made after this instruction. I changed the collar a bit though making it rounded, so it would mould around my small neck better. I added the left over piece of the pleated trim (which I had wanted to put on the hat), that was just the right length. It closes with a small hook and eye. I might add some velvet ribbon around the hem, but we shall see^^.

Then I made a hair piece. I just don't have enough own hair to make a proper victorian hairstyle. So I bought four super braids of dark brown artificial hair and turned two of them into switches as shown in a tutorial on Your Wardrobe Unlock'd.

In the end I didn't use it for my WGT outfit as it kind of was too big for the hat, so I just used an additional braided switch to fill in my own hair in a bun.

Last I made a small handbag. Some time ago I stumbled upon this pattern and immediately fell in love with this purse. And I'm usually not a handbag type of girl, not at all.

Here's my version:
Btw. it's a great way to use up fabric left overs.

Ok, finally, I want to show you pictures of the actual finished dress worn by me, but without any accessoiries except the hat. I took them quite some time ago.

That's it for today :)
Stay tuned for my next blog post with WGT-pictures.
Thanks for reading.

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