Sunday, June 23, 2013

Back to the roots...

Hi @ all!

This is a little announcement post.

You might remember that this blog started as motivation help for getting my dressmaker's degree. I'm not sure I mentioned it here before, but I always wanted to add a master's degree on top and from September on I will got back to school.
If everything goes well and I pass the exams I will be a Master Craftswoman for dressmaking/ tailoring in a good year's time.

I don't know how much time I will have then, but I hope to show some steps here on this blog.
But before there is another move to be managed and with work keeping me busy and on the road quite often, there won't be much time left for anything sewing related.

This is just for your information in case you're wondering why I am MIA.

Thanks for your patience and I hope to be back soon :)


  1. Hihi, magst du ne Zuckertüte haben? :P

    1. Jaaaaaaa bitte, bitte... eine in rosa mit Glitsööör drauf ;D

  2. Ich drück dir ganz doll die daumen für dein großes vorhaben!!