Sunday, March 17, 2013

1880s Day Bodice

Good Morning :)

So here it finally, finally is- the 1880s Day Bodice Post.
I won't say a lot about it, just a few information:

The pattern was adapted from a scaled pattern of "Fashions of the Gilded Age", with quite a few alterations.
Fashion fabric is again my super soft wool flannel and the black polyesterfabric for trimming.
The bodice is interlined with offwhite cotton twill, except for the sleeves. There the upper part is interfaced with cotton woven fusible interfacing for a bit more stand.
Below the waist I added a black polyester lining to give a nice finish around the back pleats. Also the front and neck edges are faced with the fashion fabric.
I also did a lot of handsewing here: stitching down the facings, bottom lining & sleeve hem facing. Stitching down the seamallowance at the bottom edge to keep the lining laying nice on the inside. Stiching on the pleated trim, covering the buttons, stitching all 11 buttonholes and fixing the boning on the seams.
The top front closes with a hook and eye, as a button didn't work with the trim.

Okay, enough words, here are the pictures. Tell me what you think :)

And to add some eyecandy here are pics of the full dress:

Right now I'm working on the new hat, which only needs decoration/trimming and a lining as well as some clips to fix it on my head.

Thanks for watching. See you soon.


  1. Oh! That is such a nice dress! Love the simplicity of it. How is the drape in the back constructed/where did you find a pattern for that?

    1. Thank you very much, Mette!

      The back drape is a mix of the Butterfly train instruction from Your Wardrobe Unlock'd and the Truly Victorian pattern (which I have only seen in pictures). It's very simple: I just took one width of fabric and draped it to my liking- marking the pleats in the center back and gathering them up like explained on YWU, only I pleated the whole upper edge into the waistband. On the sides I added 4 pleats (folded downwards) for some more volume. Also there's a layer of net inside the upper part to add some stiffness.
      I hope this helps ;)

  2. Booaaaaah, wie genial!!! Ich liebe dieses Kleid!!! Und es steht dir sicher hervorragend.
    Seh ich dich in dem Kleid auf dem WGT wieder? :D

    1. Vielen lieben Dank, Snowy :)
      Ich hoffe mal, dass mir das Kleid steht ^^. Schaun mer mal.
      Obs mit dem WGT klappt, hängt wieder von der Arbeit ab und entscheidet sich erst ziemlich kurzfristig (z.B. Freitag spät abends).
      Aber sollte ich frei haben, bin ich dabei. Ich will doch auch sehen, was du so Schönes anhast ;)

  3. Wunderschön! Ein wirklich stimmiges Gesamtbild!
    Ich freue mich schon auf Fotos vom getragenen Kleid :)

    1. Herzlichen Dank!
      Mal schauen, wann es Trage-Bilder gibt. Vorher müssen noch ein paar "Kleinigkeiten" dazu gemacht werden. ;)