Monday, February 18, 2013

Support your assets...

Hello again, my dears!

As mentioned in my last post, I've been back to my personal sewing table for the last couple of weeks and I'm FINALLY working on my grey wool Natural Form costume again. I really hope to finish it soon.

I had to make some new foundation garments for a better skirt support. So I started with a short bustle. I actually don't really know why I wanted to make one in the first place, as I don't need it for this costume. But I guess being away from the scene was blinding my sight a bit and I thought I needed much more back volume to raise my skirt hems. *lol*
However, I like the result quite much and I'm sure I'll bring it to use with another costume.

This short bustle is made of unbleached cotton with plastic and steel boning. I modified my former bustle pattern by adding more volume and rearranging the hoop placement to fit into the shorter form.

So after I realized that I really don't need that much volume for my skirt I started making the ruffle pad I had originally intened to make when working on the costume last year. *eyeroll*

To make it quick, I ripped some strips and a base layer from my new freshly prewashed Swedish (^^) ivory cotton fabric and dug out some white bias tape.
The ruffle pad is buttoned on a separate waistband as I want to add some buttons on the short bustle as well, so I can button the ruffles there without having an extra layer around the waist.

Both pieces are creating a very nice big rear for bustle dresses. I'm really looking forward to making a matching costume to go over them.

Okay guys, so far for the moment. I'll be back soon, I promise. I've got some more stuff to show you.
Thanks for watching.

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