Thursday, February 28, 2013

A little thing between the lines

Hey hey

How are you all?

So if you had a look at my sidebar you'll probably noticed that I marked the 1880s Day Bodice as done. *FINALLY*
After one and a half year from the first lines of the pattern to the last stiches on the boning last Sunday night it is really finished. *yay*
I hope the light will be good enough on the weekend to take pictures. During the week it's just too dark to photograph dark colours. So stay tuned for this :)

To kill some time I want to show you a little thing I made during my holidays in order to get back to sewing and de-stashing a bit:
A cover for my E-Book Reader.

My parents got me this Reader for Christmas (a real surprise) and I love it. They also got me a basic neoprene cover but I wanted something with a more "book-y" feeling, something I could open and for reading without taking the device out of its cover. I did some online research and made up a pattern/style that would fit my Reader and its keys best.
The fashion fabric is red quilting cotton with a baroque pattern. I got this fabric from Finland 2009 and used it for a pair of 18th century stays after which about 2 yard of cotton were left over.
As lining I used some neoprene fabric of which I had gotten a few scraps from one of my former jobs years ago.
For additional support I added a piece of cardboard into each of the pockets. I chose the pocket style so I could take the cardboard out for washing.
The E-Book Reader is fixed by 4 elastic ribbons and the cover closes with a press stud.

Tell my how you like it :)

Thanks for watching, see ya soon.

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