Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

I wish all of you a Merry, merry Christmas!!

Have a great time with your beloved ones.
Also I wish already wish you a Happy New Year.

I'm very sorry, I haven't been around for so long, but life and master class is keeping me quite busy.
But I'm alive and well. Right now enjoying the Holidays with my family, before going back to school early next year.

I hope I can make a real blog post some time soon, feel free to kick my butt ;)

So see you next year

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Back to the roots...

Hi @ all!

This is a little announcement post.

You might remember that this blog started as motivation help for getting my dressmaker's degree. I'm not sure I mentioned it here before, but I always wanted to add a master's degree on top and from September on I will got back to school.
If everything goes well and I pass the exams I will be a Master Craftswoman for dressmaking/ tailoring in a good year's time.

I don't know how much time I will have then, but I hope to show some steps here on this blog.
But before there is another move to be managed and with work keeping me busy and on the road quite often, there won't be much time left for anything sewing related.

This is just for your information in case you're wondering why I am MIA.

Thanks for your patience and I hope to be back soon :)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

WGT 2013

Hello again :)

So here it is my little picture post of this year's WGT in Leipzig.
I had a great time there. I went with two very dear friends and met with even more dear friends as well as my parents there.
Thanks for the fun, guys!

Without any more words, here are my few pis:

I also again met the lovely Mywiel. Quite a number people came over and asked for pictures. One woman wanted to just take one while we were chatting. Such a cute request ;)

With the cape and my carpet bag I look a bit like a governess on the trip to her new employment ^^.

Thanks for watching :)

P.S.: If you don't want to be shown here, please tell me and I will immediately take the picture down. Thank you.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Completing the outfit

Hey my dears!

I know, it's been some time already since my last post, but oh well... here I am again ;)

WGT has long since passed and I owe you pics of the final NF dress. But before I show you the complete outfit worn, I've got to show you some more things I made to complete the dress.

First we've got a small cape. I made it to cover the neckline for modesty and cool temperature. It's a very simple shape made after this instruction. I changed the collar a bit though making it rounded, so it would mould around my small neck better. I added the left over piece of the pleated trim (which I had wanted to put on the hat), that was just the right length. It closes with a small hook and eye. I might add some velvet ribbon around the hem, but we shall see^^.

Then I made a hair piece. I just don't have enough own hair to make a proper victorian hairstyle. So I bought four super braids of dark brown artificial hair and turned two of them into switches as shown in a tutorial on Your Wardrobe Unlock'd.

In the end I didn't use it for my WGT outfit as it kind of was too big for the hat, so I just used an additional braided switch to fill in my own hair in a bun.

Last I made a small handbag. Some time ago I stumbled upon this pattern and immediately fell in love with this purse. And I'm usually not a handbag type of girl, not at all.

Here's my version:
Btw. it's a great way to use up fabric left overs.

Ok, finally, I want to show you pictures of the actual finished dress worn by me, but without any accessoiries except the hat. I took them quite some time ago.

That's it for today :)
Stay tuned for my next blog post with WGT-pictures.
Thanks for reading.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

I never talked about this to you...

So pssssst,

this post is about my new unmentionables.
Two chemises to go under lower cut dresses.



For both chemises I changed my former pattern to the measurements provided by this pattern from this page. This meant taking away about 20cm of width all around. A lot less fabric to bunch under the corset *yay*

This time I also fixed the gathers in front and back, so that the neckline is staying where it belongs.
Now this chemises are really fitting for quite low cut dresses, lower than I had planned and the measurements should be ^^ But as long as everything important is covered it's fine with me ;)
On the dress form it looks more revealing as it is on me. Catherine Howard just doesn't have any bust to fill in. There still is a little drawstring attached on the inside of the front to adjust it a bit if needed. Also I probably will shorten the straps at the shoulders a bit on the pattern, as they tend to slip from my shoulders when corseted.
The neckline is bound in matching bias tape with some lace trim on top.
Both trims have been in my stock for a few years now and as the white cotton is rather an ivory white it matched the ivory lace perfectly, which was just enough to go around the neckline and hem (here I even had to stretch it a bit ^^). So here I made the sleeve hem with a scalloped stitch in shiny ivory thread and cut of the excess.
Of the black-magenta lace I had enough and I still have some left, which might just be enough to trim some matching drawers some day. This chemise has also the five tucks the white has, even though it's not really to see on the picture.

Ok, that's it and remember, I've never been here ;)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Dressed from toe to head

Hello my dears,

I hope you had some nice Easter-holidays.

Last time I mentioned at the end of the post that I was working on a new hat to go with the grey-black dress. Last Wednesday night I got done with it.

While the general shape was quickly decided on (I took a medium high crown based on the TV550 pattern) I had a hard time deciding on the trimming. Especially as my first idea didn't work out. I had planned to use the same pleated trim as I did on the dress, but it turned out too wide for the hat. Maybe if I had used a taller shape it'd have worked.

So I had to rethink my decoration, but still wanted to use a pleated trim to match the dress. I then used a 4cm wide satin ribbon I had in my stock (from my last hatmaking) and worked it in the same manor as the dress trim: Small boxpleats with a velvet ribbon on top.

Although the dress is rather plain in style, you will remember that we're still talking victorian, so there had to be more than a pleated ribbon to go round the crown. Some flowery stuff and some ostrich plumes were in order. The latter I had to order first and after they arrived early last week, I started to really decorate the hat. I googled on flowers mad of satin ribbon and other fabric, but in the end I just made the simple gathered version. Two big and three small flowers, sewn on with a grey pearl in the middle.
I didn't want to go overboard this time, so I hope you agree with me that the hat is matching the dress.

A close up of the trimming with and without flash

Tell me how you like it :)

Next time I'll show you my new chemises. Stay tuned.

P.S. Has anyone else problems updating their sidebar lists? Everytime I want to change something, it tells me to correct the error. I can only delete it and create a new list. Really annoying...

Sunday, March 17, 2013

1880s Day Bodice

Good Morning :)

So here it finally, finally is- the 1880s Day Bodice Post.
I won't say a lot about it, just a few information:

The pattern was adapted from a scaled pattern of "Fashions of the Gilded Age", with quite a few alterations.
Fashion fabric is again my super soft wool flannel and the black polyesterfabric for trimming.
The bodice is interlined with offwhite cotton twill, except for the sleeves. There the upper part is interfaced with cotton woven fusible interfacing for a bit more stand.
Below the waist I added a black polyester lining to give a nice finish around the back pleats. Also the front and neck edges are faced with the fashion fabric.
I also did a lot of handsewing here: stitching down the facings, bottom lining & sleeve hem facing. Stitching down the seamallowance at the bottom edge to keep the lining laying nice on the inside. Stiching on the pleated trim, covering the buttons, stitching all 11 buttonholes and fixing the boning on the seams.
The top front closes with a hook and eye, as a button didn't work with the trim.

Okay, enough words, here are the pictures. Tell me what you think :)

And to add some eyecandy here are pics of the full dress:

Right now I'm working on the new hat, which only needs decoration/trimming and a lining as well as some clips to fix it on my head.

Thanks for watching. See you soon.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

A little thing between the lines

Hey hey

How are you all?

So if you had a look at my sidebar you'll probably noticed that I marked the 1880s Day Bodice as done. *FINALLY*
After one and a half year from the first lines of the pattern to the last stiches on the boning last Sunday night it is really finished. *yay*
I hope the light will be good enough on the weekend to take pictures. During the week it's just too dark to photograph dark colours. So stay tuned for this :)

To kill some time I want to show you a little thing I made during my holidays in order to get back to sewing and de-stashing a bit:
A cover for my E-Book Reader.

My parents got me this Reader for Christmas (a real surprise) and I love it. They also got me a basic neoprene cover but I wanted something with a more "book-y" feeling, something I could open and for reading without taking the device out of its cover. I did some online research and made up a pattern/style that would fit my Reader and its keys best.
The fashion fabric is red quilting cotton with a baroque pattern. I got this fabric from Finland 2009 and used it for a pair of 18th century stays after which about 2 yard of cotton were left over.
As lining I used some neoprene fabric of which I had gotten a few scraps from one of my former jobs years ago.
For additional support I added a piece of cardboard into each of the pockets. I chose the pocket style so I could take the cardboard out for washing.
The E-Book Reader is fixed by 4 elastic ribbons and the cover closes with a press stud.

Tell my how you like it :)

Thanks for watching, see ya soon.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Support your assets...

Hello again, my dears!

As mentioned in my last post, I've been back to my personal sewing table for the last couple of weeks and I'm FINALLY working on my grey wool Natural Form costume again. I really hope to finish it soon.

I had to make some new foundation garments for a better skirt support. So I started with a short bustle. I actually don't really know why I wanted to make one in the first place, as I don't need it for this costume. But I guess being away from the scene was blinding my sight a bit and I thought I needed much more back volume to raise my skirt hems. *lol*
However, I like the result quite much and I'm sure I'll bring it to use with another costume.

This short bustle is made of unbleached cotton with plastic and steel boning. I modified my former bustle pattern by adding more volume and rearranging the hoop placement to fit into the shorter form.

So after I realized that I really don't need that much volume for my skirt I started making the ruffle pad I had originally intened to make when working on the costume last year. *eyeroll*

To make it quick, I ripped some strips and a base layer from my new freshly prewashed Swedish (^^) ivory cotton fabric and dug out some white bias tape.
The ruffle pad is buttoned on a separate waistband as I want to add some buttons on the short bustle as well, so I can button the ruffles there without having an extra layer around the waist.

Both pieces are creating a very nice big rear for bustle dresses. I'm really looking forward to making a matching costume to go over them.

Okay guys, so far for the moment. I'll be back soon, I promise. I've got some more stuff to show you.
Thanks for watching.