Sunday, September 2, 2012

Overskirt done / Hiatus

Hello you all out there,

I know it's been a while again, but I just didn't get back to the sewing machine until on a couple of days of my holidays a couple weeks ago.
But then I made the trim for the overskirt and therefore finished it. (At least I don't know if I should add anything more, so far nothing is planned.)

I decided on the boxpleated trim with the narrower velvet ribbon. I had even ordered additional 25meteres as I found a shop that sold the meter for 0,52Euro... I had to take this chance ^^.
However when I finally did get to cut and hem the trim, it took me awefully long hours to hem them... I chose a (although using the widest foot I own) narrow /rolled hem.
But the fabric was giving me a nightmare. Even though I had tried my best to cut it on the grain to not have so many stray threads hanging around, there were more than enough to get caught in the spiral of the hemming foot and messing up the hem *argh*.
But after a few hours I was done with all of the 32 meters (16m trim on both edges), so the next day (after actually not feeling really up to do it) I went on with pleating the whole 16m into ca. 3cm wide box pleats. I didn't measure them, just eyeballing with the help of a little fruitpicker I had found in a chocolate fondue set in my kitchen... so my very own version of fork pleating ;)

Anyway the end of the trim was faster in sight as I had thought after the loooong hemming, and having the last day off from work I decided to finish it up right then. So I did... with the last hand stitches done around 11pm that day.

The result:
It does look better than the "naked" version before. And I think I got the right width to match the proportions well.

Tell me how you like it.

I will store the skirt away after I finish this post, as I most likely won't get back to sewing for the remainder of the year (there might be some repairs or so, but that doesn't count).
This also means that this will probably be my last post here for this year.
The busy times (even busier than usually) at work have begun, meaning I'll be working 12 or more hours up to seven days a week. I doubt that I will haul out my machines in the rare free time that remains.
In about two months we'll be moving back to DD for our Christmas project "Sparkle City" and we haven't even begun with making costumes (and I'm still all by myself in the costume shop plus decoration sewing plus laundry plus tour packing/costume checking /repairing... I could actually just put my bed under the cutting table *eyeroll*)... -.-'

So just in case you wonder where I am... I'm working ^^. I hope I can make one or two posts at least for the holidays... so yeah... I'll try my very best.
Thanks for your patience and I'll see you sometime next year at latest.
Have a great time and keep on posting (reading I'll manage ;) ).


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