Monday, July 2, 2012

Which one??

Hello my dears!

I haven't made much progress on the over skirt during the last couple of weeks.
The other weekend my parents and I went to visit the Dutch Fabric market. It's been the first time I was there and it was kinda overwhelming. So many fabrics and notions.
My my, it's really hard to decide what to buy, if you have a limited budget. But my mom and I both found some nice things within being reasonable *lol*
It reminded us a lot of the hobby fair, where women are pushing and pulling to get to the stands and find the best stuff. And of course the size and amount of bags with purchases was quite similar ^^.

Anyway on Sunday I then didn't get my butt off the couch... I'm such a lazy bum lately... I hate it... I just can't find motivation to get off the couch. I do want to work on my stuff, but I can't find the will to move. Any advice on that matter?

This last Saturday I did at least get some smaller stuff done... changed the zipper in a pair of jeans (looong overdue) at work, after going there to clean up... scrubbed the cutting table for 1.5 hours... an "awesome" idea with my already overworked wrists I did a lot of scrubbing these last weeks) -.-. At home I then altered the neckline of my chemise (fixed the gathers in the CF/CB and made the sleeves tighter) and used the lace saved this way to repair a hole in the lace of my petticoat (even longer overdue, had been on my list since June last year).

Yesterday I made another attempt to put my ruffler on my mom's old sewing machine... the trustworthy one ^^. I had failed so far because the screw on the needle bar was too short. But then I accidentally saw a video on youtube, where they put the ruffler on after taking the scew out compeletely. So I gave it another try and with some shiftings of the bar that holds the needle and fiddling around a bit, it now fits *yay*.
So I don't need to be worried to have to use the ruffler on my computerized machine. I'm a bit wary about it, because I fear that it might mess up the timing or so (again). But on the old workhorse the ruffler sounds way less dangerous *lol*

So I tried out a few settings and made a sample for the trim of the overskirt. I took some left over fabric from the pleated flounce of the underskirt.
The fabric I can use for the trim has the same structure, only the colour is a bit "blacker" (less blue-ish).
I made one piece with the ruffler (biggest pleat setting) and one I boxpleated by hand. The ruffler-pleated piece is made of a single layer cut with ziczac-sheers. The boxpleated piece is doubled and turned. Both are 6cm wide and I think this is the right width for the trim. I took one picture in full, so you can see the size relations.

I then pinned different trims and ribbons on top and now I need to decide... HELP!!

First I've got a narrow satin ribbon. I might need to get some more as I have only have a bit left.  I took one pic with flash and one without.

I then did the same with another narrow Polyester ribbon. It's a bit stiffer and less shiny than the satin ribbon, but I have enough of it on hand ^^.

Another try with a narrow velvet ribbon
and a slightly wider velvet ribbon.

Also I tried out some narrow lace/passementry trims. The grey-black one is the one I also used on the hat.

So now I need to decide which combination I like best...
Other than that I need to decide if I want to have the trim going all the way around the apron or only at the bottom edge, and should I put it also on the back drape (all the way around ) or leave this plain???
The only thing I know is that I will also put it around the neckline and sleeve hem of the bodice. But this will take some time till I get there...

So please, please help me decide and tell me what you like best. (You can combine each pleating with each ribbon of course.)

Thanks and see you soon.


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  1. Wow, so viele Möglichkeiten *gg*.

    also zu den Falten denke ich, dass die Box Pleats definitiv hübscher aussehen.
    Bei den Bändern wäre meine erste Wahl das schmale Samtband. Samt passt meines Erachtens besser zur Wolle des Rocks als Satin oder Poly. Wobei auch diese grau-schwarze Posamente gefällt. Also Samt oder Posamente.
    Die Borte würde ich dann auch einmal komplett um Schürze uns den hinteren Bereich herum laufen lassen, sonst ist´s hinten dann zu nackig.

    Ich bin gespannt, wofür du dich entscheidest ;).