Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How to get a big girl in shape...

So here it is, the promised post.
It'll be mainly a "show-off" post. So beware ^^

Three weekends ago my dear friend Claudi was visiting and we took the opportunity to take a few pictures of the black and red silk corset I had made for her last year.
So without much more ado, here are the pics:

The flat steel bones in this corset are really rigid, so it's hard to completely break the corset in. Still I'm quite happy with the overall shape.

And while her being here I took the opportunity to photograph another plussize corset I made to her measurements. That has been the "secret" corset I had mentioned in one of my previous posts. I couldn't tell more about it at that point, as I wanted it to be a surprise for her.

When I made my pink-black underbust corset, she had told me that she really liked the design. So I made her a plussize version of it.

 I'm quite happy with the overall shape, it fit her without a previous fitting. The only thing I don't like that I again got those nasty side front wrinkles. Even though I added a bone within the big front side space. I need to find out how to alter the pattern to get this right.
But it was really fun to play with all the bone casings on the bigger surface. This is working really well for plus sizes. Please excuse the muffin top here, but this is due to the short back height. I don't think I could really avoid it. It already occures on small sizes.

Okay, so if you want any further information on the corsets or have some advice to the problems mentioned, feel free to comment. Also critique is always very welcome.

Thanks for watching, see ya soon...


  1. Wow, die sind beide wirklich toll!

    Vorallem die Schnittführungen und die Linie beim Unterbrustkorsett gefallen mir wahnsinnig gut! Das würde ich (in einer anderen Farbe ^^) am liebsten einpacken und mitnehmen ;)

  2. Hello! I have just been re-reading your whole blog! Brilliant!! I am intregued about these front diagonal wrinkles too - did you find a solution? I have been experiencing them too but think that taking at least that particular panel off grain may do the trick - I haven't tried it yet tho. :)