Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How to get a big girl in shape...

So here it is, the promised post.
It'll be mainly a "show-off" post. So beware ^^

Three weekends ago my dear friend Claudi was visiting and we took the opportunity to take a few pictures of the black and red silk corset I had made for her last year.
So without much more ado, here are the pics:

The flat steel bones in this corset are really rigid, so it's hard to completely break the corset in. Still I'm quite happy with the overall shape.

And while her being here I took the opportunity to photograph another plussize corset I made to her measurements. That has been the "secret" corset I had mentioned in one of my previous posts. I couldn't tell more about it at that point, as I wanted it to be a surprise for her.

When I made my pink-black underbust corset, she had told me that she really liked the design. So I made her a plussize version of it.

 I'm quite happy with the overall shape, it fit her without a previous fitting. The only thing I don't like that I again got those nasty side front wrinkles. Even though I added a bone within the big front side space. I need to find out how to alter the pattern to get this right.
But it was really fun to play with all the bone casings on the bigger surface. This is working really well for plus sizes. Please excuse the muffin top here, but this is due to the short back height. I don't think I could really avoid it. It already occures on small sizes.

Okay, so if you want any further information on the corsets or have some advice to the problems mentioned, feel free to comment. Also critique is always very welcome.

Thanks for watching, see ya soon...

I might be biased a bit...

Hi again!

Argh, time flies too fast, way too fast. Is it already almost a month since my last post? Not good, so not good.
At the rate the time flies by in a couple weeks we'll have Christmas *lol*

Anyway, I'm here to show you some corset progress.

Basically I only cut, filed and tipped the bones, put them in the in the channels, closed the top and bottom and attached the bias. It is again handfinished on the inside, which was really hard to do, as the needle was pretty difficult to push through the cotton twill. This resulted in quite some finger ouch, so I had to postpone the continuation of the embroidery of the underbust for a bit. I want to take it up again in the next days.

So first the double layer corset:
This has a mix of flat steels (at the center front and back) and spiral steels (throughout the rest), both 7mm wide. It also lacks a front modesty panel for a change. It was easier to cut this way.

Second the single layer corset:
This has 7mm flat steel boning throughout. I was really surprised that it curves so well over the bust already. I hope it will adjust to the hips just as well. Here we have my standard front modesty panel again and on the inside you can see the waisttape.

As you can see, the bottom area is more pressed flat due to the flat steels.
Also you can see that the color of the bias binding is very close to the shade of the cotton twill. I guess this time I got the dyeing better with only using one bag of black tea and leaving the bias in for a few seconds. I hope dyeing the lace will work just like that. I have to wait for my corsetry supply order though, as I only have a too short piece of white lace left. Also I still need to punch in the grommets.

But I also want to show you just how light the single layer corset is.
I really like how the boning and cording  and even the waisttape sticks out against the light.

But I did do some embroidery already, here is the current state:
If you take a close look, you'll see the desired design of the embroidery. The round shapes will later hold ribbon embroidered roses (If it'll work out as I want to).

The boning for this corset is also finished as is the colour of the biastape, that will be off white at the top and red at the bottom.

Okay, that's it so far. I will make another post later today. So stay tuned.