Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Off with the head... erm hat, I mean

Hey guys!

Here I am again and I can announce that the hat is done (well except for a hat elastic which will be attached after I'm more sure about how I will wear my hair).
I spent the last days decorating it, staring Sunday with shaping and curling the ostrich feathers, pleating the 1" wide red satin ribbon with my ruffler (yes I used the machine here, I hope you can forgive me ^^) and draping and pinning the flowers in place. Oh and I also changed the shape again, with both sides going down now, giving it a bonnet like shape.

Front, back, left side, right side.
I wasn't sure about this design, so I asked Snowlady and KleineFrau for their opinion and they both said there were too many feathers on it.
Hmpf and here I spent half the day shaping them and making them looking nice and fluffy, what a shame.
I de-feathered the hat anyway which looked like this:
I tried a version with the grey feathers and one without. Snowlady agreed that the one with grey feathers looks better. So my design was done *yay*
So on Monday night I started with sewing the ribbon together in the back, fixing the feathers to each other by sewing them and securing the threads with some glue. It's the only spot on the hat where I used glue!!
Tuesday morning I continued sewing on the flowers and green stuff. I attached everything only to the ribbon, so I can take it of at once and redecorate the hat if I wish.
Halfway though:
And done:
Tuesday night I sewed on the last two flowers and secured the ribbon bows in the back. Also I fixed the ribbon to the hat with a few stitches at four points to keep it in place.
I'm pretty happy with the result, now I only need to make some proper hair to go with it *lol*
I also ordered a wig stand, so I hope I can show you better pics of the hat soon and with a closer "on the head" feeling ^^ Until it arrives the milk pot has to do.
How do you like the hat??

Oh and before I forget it, I wanna show you the carpet bag. I made it on Saturday afternoon and evening.

I even found two matching buttons in my statsh. I got them from a family friend back home, who had me going through her sewing stuff some time ago and take what I needed, cool huh? 
I'm really happy that the bag handles match so great in colour. It's always hard to tell when you're ordering online. I put two flatsteel bones in the top to keep the edges straight. Ordering a real bag frame would have taken too long and cost too much (one in the right size was only available in the US - yikes, shipping costs).

Okay, that's it for tonight. I'm not sure what I will be working on next... there are quite a few things on my table that want/need to be made... but for some I need to wait for supplies to arrive first. Decisions, decisions...

Thanks for reading, see ya soon


  1. Na siehst Du und schon bin ich da....

    gut, dass Du mir die Adresse geschickt hast
    ich hab Dich ja eigentlich eh schon im Visier aber DeinName Caoilfl.... hat mir nix gesagt hhhhm und aber über Google/Blogspot hab ich Deinen Blog nicht gefunden!
    Das ist bei ein paar von Euch Bloggern so ???
    Wenn Du auf die kleinen Bildchen meiner Leser klickst siehst Du bei mnachen ihren Blog, bei manchen nicht obwohl sie einen haben???? das kannst Du wohl im Profil einstellen???
    Du willst ja wohl auch gefunden werden?

    Auf jeden Fall find ichs schön hier und das mit Deinen Hüten sowieso
    Meine Mum und meine Omi sind bzw. waren ja Modistinnen!!
    Also vor Hutläden(die äußerst selten sind) leg ich immer ein Päuschen ein:
    Zeigst Du uns das hübsche Blümelteil auch mal an Dir... büüüüüütte

  2. Ja - hat funkioniert, jetzt lande ich gleich bei Dir :)
    oh da freu ich mich shcon auf Deinen Hut UND Deine Haare hihi