Monday, April 4, 2011

There's a bug going 'round...

...and it's bringing sewing machines to new homes.

Hi again!

I bet you didn't expect me so soon already, did you? ;)
Don't worry, this will only be a short post.

So, on my blog list I detected quite an inflationary increase of new sewing machines. There seems to be a spring bug going 'round as it also has gotten me.
Last week I ordered a new sewing machine, and it's the most expensive one I got so far.
I have never been overly fond of computerzied sewing machines as they tend to die faster than the old sturdy mechanical ones, also I mainly only used the regular stitches and stuff most sewing machines have anyway. Still they have a few features you never want to live without once you got to know them... like the automatic buttonholes (I have 11 of them on this machine), 7mm stitch width, machine eyelet (wohoo... perfect for non-period correct stays and stuff, that is supposed to *look* period correct at 3m distance ^^), needle position setting and a few nice decor stitches.
Additionally this machine has a strong stitch and an awesomely even feed (as far as I have tested it). The lockstitch function is a bit weird, I probably won't use it for regular stitching, only to finish the decor stitches and stuff. The backward stitch goes awfully slow, which gives you a nice control of stitching, but it is a bit too slow for my taste... I need to get used to it.
What I really like with the needle position setting is: put fabric under foot, push button,*beep* needle goes down, sew, needle stays in the fabric when you stop, push the button at the end of the seam, *beep* needle goes up, lift foot, take fabric out, cut threads off. Awsome, no need for a handwheel. :D Only the beeping becomes annoying when you sew short seams *lol* An automatic thread cutter would have been cool ^^, maybe next time *muahaha*
But enough of just words, I know you want pictures ;)
My new baby... and it's green ^^
A good thing is, my other presser feet fit on this machine, too, although it came with really many feet. More than the regular ones, it even has a gathering foot (now I have two^^). Even my ruffler fits, although the screw to fasten the presser feet is very small. I might get one with a bigger head to screw on the ruffler to keep it on secure.
A few stitch samples I made to test out the machine on different fabrics: jersey, coutil, cotton canvas, interfaced bridal satin, viscose lining (ruffler test). I also tested sewing millinery wire on buckram, works fine. As well as sewing over jeans, I took a piece I had cut off from a pair of customer jeans at work last week (thick material) and folded it like the hem of a pair of jeans, the machine went through it so smooth, even feed, regular stitches. A dream.
To make an "ultimate" test, I started sewing a corset (I mean this is what the machine must sew here^^), but more about this later.

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment.


  1. ei wasn das für ne krass nähmaschine O.o

  2. Hello!
    I tend to buy me a new sewing machine in the next weeks too, and although I don't realy like computerized machines, its gona be one *sigh*
    Can you tell me, wich type this one is? i can't see it on the pictures

  3. Seufz*
    ja zwangsläufig ... meine alte hat das zeitliche gesegnet

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