Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Long time no see ;)

It's already been last year *lol*

Hello my dears,

I wish you a very Happy New Year! may all your wishes and dreams for 2011 come true and may all days be full of sunshine and glitter :)

So I used the longer weekend to make up the underskirt I had mentioned in my last post. I tried to not hink about it too much and just do it... but yeah, I still think I thought about it too much... I show you what I mean:
The pattern is from "Fashions of the Gilded Age Vol.1" -not that difficult to beginn with... I checked the measurements to see how it would fit and decided to take a few centimeters from each panel as the waist would have hardly fit into the waistband with my size. I need to remember next time to check the hip measurement after drawing the 1:1 version, as a "medium" size in victorian terms, doesn't mean "medium" in 2011 terms. Well, the final skirt is a bit tight around the hips, when I pull the drawstring in the back tight. So maybe better make the waist dartlike smaller... above the hips to fit into the waistband then...
Ah well, lesson learned, and actually it's great to know that the patterns seem to fit my size quite well...
But back to topic...my overworking brain... so while the pattern is rather simple to follow I had to think abit about how to make the flounce...
This were my detailed notes... spent way too much time thinking and planning about it.... but in the end it proved well, as it fit very well with my fabric. Not much left of it, now ^^
So I chose the lace and cut our the pieces. I had actually planned to make a more detailed work-in-progress, but the next pictures I took then, were these:

It turned out not as full as in the sketch, I guess also the fabric is too soft. Maybe for the future I'll add more width towards the bottom of the back piece, so the drawstring can gather more material.
But it makes a nice underskirt nonetheless. Only I notice just now that I sewed in a nasty fold when attaching the flounce, I need to fix it tomorrow (or better later today ^^)

All in all it was a nice two-day-shortcut project. I need to do stuff like that more often and not spend weeks or longer on one thing...

Ah well, I gotta go to bed.
Have a great day, see ya soon ;)


  1. ich sollte eindeutig an meinem Englisch arbeiten -.-

  2. Jaaa, der krass das der jetzt schon 39 ist...sieht eher aus wie 29...