Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fantail Skirt done

Hello my fellow followers,

Just a quick update post today.
I finished the Fantail Skirt just about half an hour ago, so I thought I quickly share the images with you.

The gathering in the front turned out even better than in my sketch ^^ I'm very happy with it.
The whole skirt including the underskirt/lining is really heavy, but it definitely needs the stiff, heavy base to fall nice. It's been a good decision to make it this way and not just the wool skirt alone.
Already during the week I cut and overlocked the pieces. So I could start sewing yesterday. I joined the panels, sew the darts, attached the drawstring and somehow got the 50cm folded down to 7cm for each back panel. It took me a few tries and combinations though ;).
Then I got a bit crazy and decided to handsew the hem ô.O. The good 3.5m were done in about 2 hours while watching TV *lol*
Today I joined the two skirts and attached the waistband, it's also handfinished on the inside.
At last I put the skirt on the dolly and pinned the gathers in place. I call it the pineapple look.
What do you think about it? Like it or not?

Okay, that's it for today. Thanks for watching, see you next time.


  1. As I already told you...I can only marvel at the preciseness of the folds *_*
    Lots of hugs =)

  2. Gerdi, hattest du mir eigentlich das Buch von Rebecca Gablé zurückgelegt?!?
    Ich bring dir das andere mit, wenn ich in Dtl. bin ^^

  3. That is beautiful, I love it.