Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I can see an end... & Merry Christmas

Hello my fellow readers!

Another three weeks have passed already and the world is in full blow Christmas mood.
So before I will give you a little update on my corsetry work, I want to wish you all a

Merry, merry Christmas!

I hope you'll have a great and peaceful holiday season with your beloved ones.
May Santa be good to you, too ;)

Okay, now up to the small update...
The winter trousers for my Mom's uncle are all shipped and fit (according to him) very well *yay*.
So after being done with them I went on with the grey woolcorset.
I did the top flossing and attached the bias binding.
flossing with the binding pinned on the inside

with attached binding from the outside
and from the inside

So now all it needs are the grommets and the lacing. Unfortunately I haven't found a matching cord/ribbon yet. All the grey stuff I found was usually too light to match the wool. If anyone has an advice on where to look for a lace, please don't hesitate.

I'm afraid that's already all for now.
So enjoy the Holidays and I'll see you next week (hopefully).

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