Thursday, December 30, 2010

"delicious and unbelievable unfetishly feminine..."

...were the words of my dear friend Snowlady when I showed her the (btw. again bad) pictures of my grey wool corset.

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, it's finished.
Last Thursday, with my mind already half on my weekend at my parents' and half on setting the grommets in the corset, it occured my (while brushing my teeth^^) that I had comepletely forgotten about the back modesty panel. So I quickly hauled out the sewing machine again and attached the binding on it, too. Good thing I had the triangle-corner of wool from cutting the bias tape left, and it made perfect bias strips for the modesty panel.
That's what happens when you bury important things under a pile of paper pattern pieces, fabric and embroidery stuff *lol*

However this left me with the grommets to do after a very relaxing weekend with my parents. I hope you had some nice Holidays, too?

So yesterday I put in the grommets and the lace today. I went with plain black corset lace tipped with silver aglets for now. Maybe I can find some grey lace later to replace it.
But enough talking, on with the pictures (I know you wanna see them ^^)

It fits well and quite comfortable, still the bust looks a bit weird. I'm not sure if maybe giving a bit more room at the top edge will make a smoother silhouette. The cups are nice, but I might set the bustline a tad higher the next time, as there's a little bit of space under the sidebust left and dragging the shaping higher might help.
But I really like the general shaping and the positions of the seams. Also the hip gore is really cool and provides a nice hipspring.
Next time I wanna try to work with boning channel tape as I got some ugly puckering from the clipped seam allowances when I pushed in the bones... also the wool was quite tricky to press in this case. I guess it's time I make myself a nice tailors ham. The sleeve board just doesn't do it for things like corsets anymore ^^

Ah well, next I wanna make an 1880s underskirt to wear under the planned fantailskirt, which will be done afterwards. We'll see how it'll work out ;)

Okay, that's it for today
I already wish you a Happy New Year, have a great time celebrating!

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