Saturday, October 23, 2010

Number one done...

Hello my dear friends,

you might have already read it in the progress-list on the right, that I'm done with the pink black underbust corset.

Last weekend I finished the boning channels of the grey wool corset, defined the upper and lower edge on both corsets, measured, cut and tipped the bonesfor both , pushed them into the pink-black one, sewed the edges closed, trimmed of the excess fabric and set on bias the binding (handfinished on the inside), during the week I put in the grommets and the lacing.
But let pictures speak:
wool corset with defined edges 
pink-black underbust with defined edges
bones for both corsets (a few are already in the underbust)
underbust with closed edges
excess trimmed off
bias pinned on
sewing on bias
handfinishing bias on the inside
widening the holes with an awl
pushing the grommet in
adding some fray check
putting the washer on it
grommet from the outside
finished from the outside
from the inside

Today I took a few pictures on the dress form... unfortunately the quality is rather low :(

Also those stupid wrinkles are annoying me, I can't tell yet how to get rid of them the next time... sewing on the boning channels on a hipspring that strong is really hard and it probably caused the wrinkling... clipping and trimming the seamallowance didn't help at all... also the bone placing in general serves the wrinkling...darn.
Any suggestions on what to make better next time or how to allter the pattern?

Also I took some really crappy pictures of me wearing the corset:

I'm not sure if it's just because the corset isn't broken in yet, but there's some slight gapping at the side seam. I hope it will lay smooth once the flatsteels in the back are molded to my shape a bit and lacing gets easier. Also it feels as if the bones are digging a bit in at the top and bottom, but that may also because the bones are still too stiff and my flesh is too soft ^^
The wrinkling is also there :(
But I really like the feeling how the spiral bones in the front mold around my ribs and dig into the waist a bit to give some more hourglass feeling. It feels nice :)

Okay, tell me what you think.
Thanks for watching, see you next time.


  1. Guck mal, könnte dich eventuell interessieren:

  2. Hab ich doch schon lange in meiner Blogroll ;)
    Aber danke

  3. schick schick :) ich hab eine idee die umgesetzt werden könnte, ich bring mal ein bild mit ...

    see you

  4. Wunderschön! Gefällt mir total!

  5. Das hab ich auch schon überlegt, ob ich da mal bei unserer Uni vorbeischauen soll...
    Aber man muss erst nen Termin machen, in dem man mir bestätigt, dass ich Schuppenflechte habe - so'n Kack brauch ich nicht *grummel*
    Tjoa... Bei mir hilft sonst noch Sonne - na toll, im Winter! - und Nivea-Creme :D