Thursday, September 9, 2010

Think pink

Hello my dear readers!

I'm very happy to see that I've got some more followers. Thanks for adding me and enjoy my blog :)

Tomorow afternoon is the apprenticeship diploma event and I'm really excited about what will go on there.
I hope there will be some of the other exam girls, too. I'd love to see them again.
Still I hope it won't take too long to give out the diplomas, I want to go shopping with my parents afterwards *lol*

So in the last days I worked a bit more on the pink-black underbust corset. I joined the fashion layer pieces and then had some trouble with the busk. I had to redo the outside seam as the panels came out a bit asymmetriacal. But then the seam was quite uneven and the thread tension somewhat lose. So I had to unpick the seam once more and this morning I set it again using a Microtex needle and a slightly higher upper thread tension. It worked much better, but I still had to correct the seam between the busk panel and the next to adjust the panel widths. It's still not perfect, but it's really hard to catch that half mm that's missing.

I also pinned the waisttape in place, which I will fix when sewing down the seamallowances to keep them in place before adding the external bone casings.

Well tonight I cleared my working table, or better I had to, as we will need the space when my parents are coming tomorrow and my Mom will bring some mysterious lunch... That's the downside of having only a studio apartment with one big table.
They are intending to arrive somewhen tomorrow morning, probably while I'm at the hair salon to get my hair pinned up. I bought a smaller butterfly clip for my hair piece yesterday evening and attached it to the hair. It looks much better now, and the new clip is only half as big and high as the original. So they won't need to cover it with a huge bulk of hair *lol*. Also I got some wax beads which I glued onto a plain hairclip today and I put some single beads on the head of some hairpins to be added into the coiffure.
This reminds me that I have to print out some hairstyle pictures for the hair dresser as we couldn't have a rehearsal pinning.

Okay that's it for today, I wish you a happy weekend already.


  1. It looks so tidy *_*
    Gee, I also want to sew a corset now. But all the materials are at I'll just try out sewing a collar tomorrow.
    I wish you a lovely Friday and a pleasant mysterious lunch. :)

  2. Ich will auch "mysterious lunch" von Mama. Ich muss hier immer selbst kochem *schmoll*

  3. Armes Kind *patpat* Gab Nüüüürchen *nammnamm* Musste mal wieder ehem komme...:*