Monday, September 20, 2010

Little progress

Hello my lovely readers!

I know I have been mia this last week, but not much happened on the corsetry front so far.
Last week I used the cleared table to take a pattern from my fave jeans. They have become really thin in the seating area, beyond repair, so I took it apart and drafted the pattern around the pieces. Then, after a good 5 years of use I threw the pieces into the garbage bin. :´( I only kept the back pockets and one front pocket facing as fabric sample.
Yesterday afternoon (after sleeping in after a nice night out clubbing with my current intern) I got out the sewing machine again.
I stitched down the seam allowances of the pink black corset, joined the lining pieces and cut 22 strips of satin coutil. This morning I sewed them up to form boning channels.

Otherwise I'm almost through the first volume of "Fashions of the Gilded Age" and I'm starting to understand some ways of those draperies *lol* It's really its own science *g*

Okay, that's it for today
See ya soon


  1. Your ironing board reminds me of the fabrics we ares currently processing at work :D

  2. Hehe yeah, it's the flowers and the lilac colour, isn't it... but it doesn't cause any wool mice *lol*