Thursday, September 2, 2010

A little progress

Hello my friends!

So as the bag is finished, I progressed a bit with the corsets on my list.
You've already seen a sketch of the wool flanell corset, but I haven't shown you one of the pink-black underbust corset yet.
Here we go:
The fashion fabric is dark pink crepe satin with black satin coutil. I wanted to use the crepe satin for a corset since I moved out from home and that's how long the fabric had been sitting in my stash. It's overdue to make it now.
The corset will feature external bone casings - a first for me.
I'm not sure I can fit as much casings onto the front part as shown in the sketch, but I'll try my best.

I had cut the pieces already a while ago, while also cutting the panels for the wool flanell corset.
In the last days I managed to flatline the crepe satin onto the cotton coutil strength layer and this morning I cut a couple satin coutil strips to try out the needed width for the external bone casings.
casing samples
Other than that I've been studying the Fashions of the Gilded Age books on Sunday and every morning during breakfast... so interesting...

Okay that's it so far
See ya soon and thanks for reading

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