Monday, September 27, 2010

Little by little

Hey guys!
Not much progress last week again.
I sewed the satin coutil strips to channels. I used a width of about 1/2 inch (12.5mm) as I need almost 9mm to fit the 7/7.5mm bones inside and need another 1-1.5mm per side tp sew the channels on the corset. So 9mm+3mm is 12mm.
Then I pressed the boning channel seamallowance open on the middle of the back after trimming it to about 2mm.
Now I have 22 nice satin coutil boning channels to put on the pink crepe satin.

Saturday night I shortened a couple of pants for myself as I wasn't in the mood for corsetry. But then I decided out of boredom to pin the layers of the wool corset together along the seamlines.
This morning I started handbasting them together.
Yesterday I didn't do any sewing stuff, the weather was too bad ^^. So I cleaned out some drawers of my side board and went to the open day of the Semper Opera later in the afternoon. The weather was still bad and I didn't want to stand in the line in the rain to get into the Opera itself. So I only went to the costume shop and it was sooo amazing. They had many pretty costumes on display, although that was just a fraction of the real amount of gorgeous costumes. I got to see under a few tutus and get to know their construction a bit better. One day I will make a tutu, too *lol* I'm still looking for a book to teach me, if anyone as a suggestion please don't hesitate!
I also talked to one seamstress there and the whole shop is soooo huge, so many sewing machines, so many cutting tables, so many.... you get it ;)

Okay, that's it for today.
Have a great week

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