Saturday, September 4, 2010

It always starts...

...with a busk.

Hey my fellow readers!

Just a little update on my work.
This afternoon I set in the busk in both corsets and attached the waisttape while fixing the busk pieces.
Unfortunately the Satin Coutil is fraying easily when poked with an awl to push the studs through. I thought it'd be stronger :( But a bit Fray Check limited the damage a good deal. Still I'm a bit disappointed and fear punching in the grommets later.
Anyway here are pictures (I know you want them ^^)
It took me 2.5 hours as I had to think about how to assemble the different layers and where best to put the waisttape. You'd think it was easier when you have only two layers *lol*
Tomorrow I want to join all pices for the layers, we'll se how far I can get.

Other than that I have been studying the Gilded Age books some more. So many nice things and I want to make them all *lol* Well, not really all, but enough for a lifetime ^^.
Also I have been looking through some pics of dresses I have saved on my HD over the time and there again I so sooo many great things I'd like to make. Nice combinations and such.
Now I'd love to also make an overskirt for the fantailskirt, but I don't think I have enough fabric for that if I want to make a day bodice, a hat and a modern godet skirt already. So now I need to find a matching fabric. I need to go through my stash... it's not like I don't have any fabric here... to be honest it's over 230m of fabric, so there'll better be something suitable.
Please someone give me a 48-hour-day. So many things to do, sooo little time and space.

Btw. I discovered that most of the skirts in the book are fitting my size quite perfect *wohoo* The bodices are bigger around the bust, but oh well, I hadn't expected anything else ;) Good thing I'm trained in pattern making, it makes many things much easier.

Oh, and I went to my hairdresser today to make an appointment for Friday morning. I wanna get a victorian styled coiffure, something similar to what I had for the 2007 fashion show...
Maybe not all that big, but close... I already got my hair piece out of its braided state. It's hanging around here now, looks funny. I'm thinking about taking it off the big butterfly hairclip and rather sewing it onto a comb... what do you think?

Okay that's it for today
Have a great Sunday

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