Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Layer by layer

Hello my friends!

So Sunday I again spent working on my corsets. I joined all panels of the wool corset and assembled the layers.
At first I sewed all wool panels on the busk piece, but then I thought that it might be easier to handle under my machine (as I don't have a flat surface right arund it like on the babies with table) if I join all remaining pieces and put them on the busk panel all together then.
The hipgusset was surprisingly easy to sew in. With the help of some great instructions from Foundations Revealed and a lot of flair everything went smooth.

gusset set in
back view
the remaining seam closed
all pieces joined and the fashion layer complete
So this morning I attached the coutil layers to their busk panels and then fixed the waisttape on the outside of the layer (which will be hidden by a loose lining later) where it won't interfere while sewing the boning channels.

Next I will continue with the pink-black underbust as I have the black thread still in the machine.
Stay tuned :)

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