Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cao - 86 points...

Hello @ all!

So this was me yesterday after the apprenticeship diploma ceremony:
Do I look like a happy graduate or do I look like a happy graduate? ;)

I do look like a happy graduate, because I am =)
I made a great 86 points in my exam, and thinking about all the flaws it had, it's really good.
It's a "good" result and proves that my work is just as good as from a "real" trained dressmaker. I even had more points than at least two of the other examinees. *woot*
Now I just need to convince the rest of the world that my skills are quite equal to the others'.
At least I got many compliments on my embroidery again and also on my bag. On our way to the ceremony place people looked at me like I was an alien *lol*

Most of the other girls were there, too and few of them also wore their exam outfits.

But maybe I should give you a chronilogical overview of the day...
So in the morning I went to the hair salon to get my hair pinned up. I brought my hair piece, but the hair dresser thought my hair was enough, also as I didn't wanted it to become too huge. So she curled my hair and pinned it up.
Unfortunately my hair is really heavy so the curls hung out quite fast. I guess I'd need a ton of special hair products to keep it curled, not so good for my head...
Anyway I liked the hairdo and it was appropriate for the event.

When I got home an hour later, my parents had arrived and Mom was making the "mysterious" lunch. It was what I had suspected... our all time family favourite... (s)mashed potatoes and chopped kidneys.
I know that many (or better most)of you will think that's urgh, blech, eek or yuk, but I can assure you that it tastes really good the way my Mom makes it. I can be really picky on food and my sister was even more when she was younger, and even she likes it ;)
I'd never eat it made by someone else or in a restaurant... only made by Mom where I know that much work, care and love was involved to make it soooo good *nammnamm*

However after lunch we got slowly ready and went into the city. We arrived there quite early, so the ladies told me to sign my registration and then we could go again and come back at quarter to 3.
We went to the nearby mall and did a little windowshopping to waste some time.

The ceremony itself was okay. Of course there were a lot of speeches, some good, some not so much. Even the headmistress of the town held a little speech and honoured the best graduate of the year, which seems to be a tradition. They then also had some weird comedian who was not very comical... they could have saved the money and time for him...
In the "official" part on stage only the best graduates were honored and given presents and stuff.
After that we were told to go a floor down and meet at the tables labeled with our craft where we would get our diplomas.
We met up there and all got our diplomas from the head of the examination board.
I only got this very bad picture. I had to brighten it alot to make you see something more, still it's really blurry. (Well I must have gotten my own crappy photographing skills from somewhere^^)
We all got an USB stick as present and a rose.

We left shortly after, as we wanted to go to the mall on the outer rim of the town (the one with IKEA ^^).
We shot a couple pics in front of the fontain near my house.
Here's one just of my outfit without the diploma:

Okay that's it.
Write to you soon, have a nice Sunday!


  1. Hyvää, tyttö! :)
    Super Gerdi, Mama und Papa sind sicher stolz wie Oskar :D

    Und auch auf die Gefahr hin, dass ich gleich geschlagen werde: Ich finde das Kostum macht dich irgendwie alt :S


  2. Hey sunshine!

    You look radiant! And so so pretty. I love the way your hair is pinned. :)

    Congrats again, I'm glad you had a great day and a delicious lunch. :) Yummy.

    You did it, girl! You really did it!


  3. Kiitos, Kind.
    Ja die Eltern sind stolz, vor allem Mutti :)
    Ich seh nicht alt aus... ich bin alt...*muahaha*, aber mit dem Alter kommt die Weisheit, ne...

    Hey Hon,
    thank you so much. Yes I did it. Now on to the next step *lol*

  4. Congratulations again!

    Your hairdo is sooo pretty *_*

    See you tomorrow ;)