Sunday, August 15, 2010

Stitch by stitch

Hello fans ;)

so as mentioned in my last post I started working the next pieces for my little wool flanell collection.
I selected a pattern and cut out the pieces for the corset. Therefore I fused the wool to an untreated cotton canvas using Vliesofix (similar to Wonder under, if I'm not mistaken). I had been a bit unsure if it would work out, but so far I didn't get any bubbles and such.
I didn't use the pattern I mentioned last time as it wasn't fitting for the planned embroidery. So I now use another 1880s overbust pattern.
The desired look for the corset:
 I hope it'll turn out like this in the end *lol*

So I cut all pieces except for the ones that will be embroidered. I need some fabric around to fix the embroidery hoop.
A picture of the pieces with the transfered motivs:
While they are lieing here waiting to be stitched, I started on the bag. I went to a flea market last Sunday, but didn't find a closure, too. So now I will order the closure and the handle chain. As it looks now I'll probably be also able to go over our whole saler *wohoo*
The local shops don't carry it, I only found the chain at the department store.
Anyway as I'm getting the Prym closure I used the pattern they have online to define the size and shape of the bag.
Inspired by this bag of 1879: 

I designed the embroidery matching the flowers on the exam model and corset
transferred it onto the fused fabric (it fit perfectly on the left overs from the exam with the corset pieces)
and started embroidering on Wednedsay morning. In the 2.5 hours on Wednesday and Thursday I got so far:
This afternoon and evening I got quite a bit more done while watching "The Other Boleyn Girl" twice ^^. I'm over the half mark now.
If I'm a good and busy girl tomorrow (or better today as I see it's past midnight already again) I hope to get it done. So I can continue with the corset pieces next week.
Next weekend is the town festival again and my parents will stop by, so I most likely won't get much sewing and crafting done then. Better work a bit ahead. ;)

Okay, I should go to bed now.  I really shound get rid of my very bad habit of going to bed so late... it's not healthy... any advice on finding discipline and motivation for that?

Have a nice Sunday


  1. Wonderful post. :)

    As for you last question, I suffer from the same problem myself. No idea what to do. :(


  2. Thanks, Hon.

    Well... maybe we should text each other and send the other to bed at a decent time *lol*