Monday, August 2, 2010


Hello my fellow readers

Not much happened so far, but I managed to take some proper pictures of the exam model as well as the test piece on Sunday and I thought I'd show you.

So without many further words- here are the pics:

Edit: I just realized I totally missed to show you the pics where I'm wearing it...

and of the test piece:

I tried my best to get the colors of the emroidery as right as possible. They're really hard to photograph as the thread also shines and blinds my camera somehow... But this is as close as possible.

Also not much happened on the corsetry front, I fitted a third mock-up and this will probably be the pattern for a corset made of the wool flanell of the exam model.
Last week I finally got the rest of the fabric from the local store, a very crazy story, but it turned out well in the end and I got a 20% discount on the bolt *wohoo* So now I got 6,25m wool flanell in mid grey waiting to be turned into something great *lol*
My plans so far consist a long fantail skirt like popular in the Natural Form era, but I most likely will only cut it floor length without a train. I want to wear it and not clean the streets while doing so ^^.
Then as a proper lady *hihi* I of course need a hat and a bag.
At the moment I'm in search for a bag closure. I want one of these snap closures you can find in wallets and purses sometimes. I just found out that Prym has some in their program. I'm gonna have a look at the local notion dealers if they maybe carry them. I'm not sure when we're going to order again at our wholesaler (we just did last week), so ordering just the bag items would be just as expensive as ordering them online somewhere else because of the shipping costs... And I'd like to have the bag done by September 10th, to wear it to the apprenticeship diploma event...
Otherwise I'm not sure what to make from the rest of the fabric... a ball toille or an evening bodice or another day bodice... or a plain, more modern godet skirt...
Decisions, decisions... any suggestions or recommendations?

Okay that's it for today I think...
Have a good night and a great day


  1. That is so gorgeous. I would love to see it on someone!

  2. Wow! So pretty and so detailed, I love it :)

    You did great, sweetie and should be proud of yourself. :)


  3. Thanks, @mutive: I just edited in worn pictures ;)

    Thanks Hon, I am ;)