Thursday, August 19, 2010

More embroidery... and a new layout

Hey my friends!

I've been a bit busy this morning and embroidered the second hipgore. I even took pictures to show you ;)
You can see they are not super symmetrical, but as I can't transfer the motiv very exact because of the flanell I have to live with it... it matches the exam model *lol*

And as I promised last time, I took a few more pictures of the bag embroidery in day light. I slightly photoshopped the pics to get a better view on the different color shades.
I still couldn't catch the very true colors, but it's as close as I can get. And now you can see that the inner part of the blossoms is a darker color.

I put the first bust embroidery in the hoop, but I don't think I will start on it this weekend. I better take it out of the hoop then to avoid stretching...

I also ordered the bag closure and chain yesterday. I hope they will arrive early next week or if I'm lucky even on Saturday. In addition to both items I ordered a smaller closure to make a little purse that will hopefully fit inside the bag *lol* I could put another of the red blossoms framed by a couple leaves or so on it...
Seems like I can't stop embroidering... good thing I ordered two packages of green embroidery thread. One the same color as I have now and one a tad lighter, which will hopefully match the lighter green of the other thread brand I used for my exam. I was really happy when I rather accidentally found the Mouline thread color chard in the back of my notions folder. Saved some money this way *lol*

Okay and as you probably recognized already, I changed my layout a bit. Now the post space is wider and more pics fit next to each other. I also added some more red touches, but tried to still match my background image.
Tell me how you like it!

Have a great weekend already

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