Saturday, August 28, 2010

The bag is finished!

Hello my fellow readers!

So today I can proudly annouce that I'm done with the bag *yay*
Yesterday the embroidery thread and closures finally arrived, so I could finish stitching the leaves this morning before work and sew the bag this afternoon and evening.
the finished embroidery on the bustpart of the corset
embroidery close up
the bag closures and chain
So first of all, I pressed the embroidered pieces to smooth them out again.
Then I retraced the faded pattern lines using white soap (this is very good on soft fabrics like wool)
When the sun came out I tried to get another pic of the embroidered bag in sunlight, still the colors don't come out like in reality.
Next I trued the stitching lines, as they tend to shift a bit during embroidery.
After that I simply followed the instructions that came with the closure:
Cut 2 pieces of each shell and lining
stitch the shell pieces together, leaving the area of the closure open
do the same with the lining
trim the seam allowance and also clip the SA of the shell, press, turn and press the shell again
stuff the turned shell into the lining bag and close the remaining piece, leave a bit open for turning
trim, turn, press, pin and close the turning opening with slipstitches
lay the open bag onto the closure and sew it on by hand and when you're done and clipped on the chain you get this ^^

Oh and the second part of "Fashions of the Gilded Age" arrived yesterday, too and when I flipped though it I discovered some instructions to the bag that was my inspiration for this one... awesome *lol*
Those books are so great. I think I will make the fantailskirt from them, with a few alterations and a square necked day bodice, like the one on the title of Vol. 2 (I so fell in love with this dress).
Unfortunately this is the biggest pic I could find

I need to read the parts about hat making and trimming, which reminds me that I yet have to order some buckram and millinery wire for my hat.
Ah, so many great things to make and soooo little time...

I'm off to bed. Have a good night


  1. Ui, die Tasche ist ja mal schick :)
    Hast du fein gemacht :D

  2. Danke schön :)
    Sache ma, wie viele Blogs, Accounts etc. hast du eigentlich??? Dat nimmt ja gar keen Ende mehr *lol*

  3. Süß ist die Tasche geworden :)

    Danke fürs Willkommenheißen, ich freu mich auch schon auf morgen!

    Liebe Grüße, Tini