Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bag embroidery done

Hey you!

It's me again (already).
I have been a good and busy girl yesterday and finished the bag embroidery just like I had planned on.
My background entertainment this time was a bit less sophisticated than on Saturday. I watched music videos, Fairy tailes and half a dozen episodes (at least) of Avatar- The Last Airbender on TV. It was nice though *lol*

Okay so here's the result ( I yet need to press it):
As you can see I mixed the color shades a bit more. At first it happened rather accidentally when I used the wrong thread, but I thought it could look more "lively" with more shades.
So I made a few ligher blossoms and leaves. Also the lightest green thread is used up now, so I rather had to use the next darker shade. The pic again doesn't show the full effect of the colors. I'll try to take another pic in daylight, but I can't promise it'll be much better.

Anyway this morning I embroidered the first hipgore for the corset. Took me a good hour. The second one is fixed in the hoop already waiting to be done.
I have to see if the lighter green for the leaves will be enough for the bust flowers or if I have to get a new package of the thread. (Good to know that the notions store on the way to work carries the Madeira threads.) The leaves and flowers eat up quite much thread. The lighter red and green of the Anchor thread are up and away already... damn that was fast *lol*

Okay, thanks for reading
See ya soon

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