Saturday, August 28, 2010

The bag is finished!

Hello my fellow readers!

So today I can proudly annouce that I'm done with the bag *yay*
Yesterday the embroidery thread and closures finally arrived, so I could finish stitching the leaves this morning before work and sew the bag this afternoon and evening.
the finished embroidery on the bustpart of the corset
embroidery close up
the bag closures and chain
So first of all, I pressed the embroidered pieces to smooth them out again.
Then I retraced the faded pattern lines using white soap (this is very good on soft fabrics like wool)
When the sun came out I tried to get another pic of the embroidered bag in sunlight, still the colors don't come out like in reality.
Next I trued the stitching lines, as they tend to shift a bit during embroidery.
After that I simply followed the instructions that came with the closure:
Cut 2 pieces of each shell and lining
stitch the shell pieces together, leaving the area of the closure open
do the same with the lining
trim the seam allowance and also clip the SA of the shell, press, turn and press the shell again
stuff the turned shell into the lining bag and close the remaining piece, leave a bit open for turning
trim, turn, press, pin and close the turning opening with slipstitches
lay the open bag onto the closure and sew it on by hand and when you're done and clipped on the chain you get this ^^

Oh and the second part of "Fashions of the Gilded Age" arrived yesterday, too and when I flipped though it I discovered some instructions to the bag that was my inspiration for this one... awesome *lol*
Those books are so great. I think I will make the fantailskirt from them, with a few alterations and a square necked day bodice, like the one on the title of Vol. 2 (I so fell in love with this dress).
Unfortunately this is the biggest pic I could find

I need to read the parts about hat making and trimming, which reminds me that I yet have to order some buckram and millinery wire for my hat.
Ah, so many great things to make and soooo little time...

I'm off to bed. Have a good night

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Some more embroidery and waiting

Hey guys!

It's almost been a week since my last post and as I mentioned last time, I didn't get anything done at the weekend. But on Monday and today's morning I did a bit more embroidering. The first bust flower of the corset is done and I started on the second. I maybe will do the blossom tomorrow, but I have to wait with the leaves as I ran out of the green embroidery thread.
I had ordered it at our wholesaler but because there had been a problem with a former bill the delivery was delayed. I hope the stuff will arrive within the next days, so I can finish the bag over the weekend.
If not I'll get mad *lol*
At least I discovered that the department store does have the bag closures and chain. They were hidden on a rack where I usually never step by ^^, but when I went there at Saturday with my mom, I found them. So worst case I could buy them there and some embroidery thread at the crafts store or notions shop. Still I hope the items will arrive from the wholesaler soon... it will save quite some money (it's getting a bit tight at the moment), especially as I just saw that my book dealer marked my ordered book (Fashions of the Gilded Age Part 2) as shipped... so it should arrive within the next days, too and with it the invoice ^^ As usual things like this come all at once.
Ah well, it will work out somehow. Cross your fingers that I won't have to track down the wholesaler guys and slap them *lol*

Oh and here a progress pic of the embroidery from this morning.

Thanks for reading, have a good night

Thursday, August 19, 2010

More embroidery... and a new layout

Hey my friends!

I've been a bit busy this morning and embroidered the second hipgore. I even took pictures to show you ;)
You can see they are not super symmetrical, but as I can't transfer the motiv very exact because of the flanell I have to live with it... it matches the exam model *lol*

And as I promised last time, I took a few more pictures of the bag embroidery in day light. I slightly photoshopped the pics to get a better view on the different color shades.
I still couldn't catch the very true colors, but it's as close as I can get. And now you can see that the inner part of the blossoms is a darker color.

I put the first bust embroidery in the hoop, but I don't think I will start on it this weekend. I better take it out of the hoop then to avoid stretching...

I also ordered the bag closure and chain yesterday. I hope they will arrive early next week or if I'm lucky even on Saturday. In addition to both items I ordered a smaller closure to make a little purse that will hopefully fit inside the bag *lol* I could put another of the red blossoms framed by a couple leaves or so on it...
Seems like I can't stop embroidering... good thing I ordered two packages of green embroidery thread. One the same color as I have now and one a tad lighter, which will hopefully match the lighter green of the other thread brand I used for my exam. I was really happy when I rather accidentally found the Mouline thread color chard in the back of my notions folder. Saved some money this way *lol*

Okay and as you probably recognized already, I changed my layout a bit. Now the post space is wider and more pics fit next to each other. I also added some more red touches, but tried to still match my background image.
Tell me how you like it!

Have a great weekend already

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bag embroidery done

Hey you!

It's me again (already).
I have been a good and busy girl yesterday and finished the bag embroidery just like I had planned on.
My background entertainment this time was a bit less sophisticated than on Saturday. I watched music videos, Fairy tailes and half a dozen episodes (at least) of Avatar- The Last Airbender on TV. It was nice though *lol*

Okay so here's the result ( I yet need to press it):
As you can see I mixed the color shades a bit more. At first it happened rather accidentally when I used the wrong thread, but I thought it could look more "lively" with more shades.
So I made a few ligher blossoms and leaves. Also the lightest green thread is used up now, so I rather had to use the next darker shade. The pic again doesn't show the full effect of the colors. I'll try to take another pic in daylight, but I can't promise it'll be much better.

Anyway this morning I embroidered the first hipgore for the corset. Took me a good hour. The second one is fixed in the hoop already waiting to be done.
I have to see if the lighter green for the leaves will be enough for the bust flowers or if I have to get a new package of the thread. (Good to know that the notions store on the way to work carries the Madeira threads.) The leaves and flowers eat up quite much thread. The lighter red and green of the Anchor thread are up and away already... damn that was fast *lol*

Okay, thanks for reading
See ya soon

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Stitch by stitch

Hello fans ;)

so as mentioned in my last post I started working the next pieces for my little wool flanell collection.
I selected a pattern and cut out the pieces for the corset. Therefore I fused the wool to an untreated cotton canvas using Vliesofix (similar to Wonder under, if I'm not mistaken). I had been a bit unsure if it would work out, but so far I didn't get any bubbles and such.
I didn't use the pattern I mentioned last time as it wasn't fitting for the planned embroidery. So I now use another 1880s overbust pattern.
The desired look for the corset:
 I hope it'll turn out like this in the end *lol*

So I cut all pieces except for the ones that will be embroidered. I need some fabric around to fix the embroidery hoop.
A picture of the pieces with the transfered motivs:
While they are lieing here waiting to be stitched, I started on the bag. I went to a flea market last Sunday, but didn't find a closure, too. So now I will order the closure and the handle chain. As it looks now I'll probably be also able to go over our whole saler *wohoo*
The local shops don't carry it, I only found the chain at the department store.
Anyway as I'm getting the Prym closure I used the pattern they have online to define the size and shape of the bag.
Inspired by this bag of 1879: 

I designed the embroidery matching the flowers on the exam model and corset
transferred it onto the fused fabric (it fit perfectly on the left overs from the exam with the corset pieces)
and started embroidering on Wednedsay morning. In the 2.5 hours on Wednesday and Thursday I got so far:
This afternoon and evening I got quite a bit more done while watching "The Other Boleyn Girl" twice ^^. I'm over the half mark now.
If I'm a good and busy girl tomorrow (or better today as I see it's past midnight already again) I hope to get it done. So I can continue with the corset pieces next week.
Next weekend is the town festival again and my parents will stop by, so I most likely won't get much sewing and crafting done then. Better work a bit ahead. ;)

Okay, I should go to bed now.  I really shound get rid of my very bad habit of going to bed so late... it's not healthy... any advice on finding discipline and motivation for that?

Have a nice Sunday

Monday, August 2, 2010


Hello my fellow readers

Not much happened so far, but I managed to take some proper pictures of the exam model as well as the test piece on Sunday and I thought I'd show you.

So without many further words- here are the pics:

Edit: I just realized I totally missed to show you the pics where I'm wearing it...

and of the test piece:

I tried my best to get the colors of the emroidery as right as possible. They're really hard to photograph as the thread also shines and blinds my camera somehow... But this is as close as possible.

Also not much happened on the corsetry front, I fitted a third mock-up and this will probably be the pattern for a corset made of the wool flanell of the exam model.
Last week I finally got the rest of the fabric from the local store, a very crazy story, but it turned out well in the end and I got a 20% discount on the bolt *wohoo* So now I got 6,25m wool flanell in mid grey waiting to be turned into something great *lol*
My plans so far consist a long fantail skirt like popular in the Natural Form era, but I most likely will only cut it floor length without a train. I want to wear it and not clean the streets while doing so ^^.
Then as a proper lady *hihi* I of course need a hat and a bag.
At the moment I'm in search for a bag closure. I want one of these snap closures you can find in wallets and purses sometimes. I just found out that Prym has some in their program. I'm gonna have a look at the local notion dealers if they maybe carry them. I'm not sure when we're going to order again at our wholesaler (we just did last week), so ordering just the bag items would be just as expensive as ordering them online somewhere else because of the shipping costs... And I'd like to have the bag done by September 10th, to wear it to the apprenticeship diploma event...
Otherwise I'm not sure what to make from the rest of the fabric... a ball toille or an evening bodice or another day bodice... or a plain, more modern godet skirt...
Decisions, decisions... any suggestions or recommendations?

Okay that's it for today I think...
Have a good night and a great day