Saturday, July 24, 2010

Still alive

Hello my fellow readers!

I'm very sorry about being so mia here, but there isn't much postworthy going on at the moment.
I need to take some pictures of the exam model to show you.
Also I'm waiting for the fabric store lady to call. I went back there a couple weeks ago to get more of the wool flanell. I want to make a few other items, like a mini collection.
So I told her I wanted the wool flanell and she was all "I can't sell you winter fabric right now" at first. I explained that I had bought it in March when it had been also already down in her storage (so it maybe was right in the front of the stable). She told me that she would need to look for it and I should give her a couple days and leave the swatch I had taken with me with her for indentifying. I did as asked, but when I went back 2 days later she told me that she couldn't find it and that maybe it was traded to the other shop in Munich. She told me to look for the article number on my receipt from March and tell her, so she could look it up in the computer to see if there was fabric left, how much and where.
I went back there last Monday with the number and accordingly to the computer file there are 6.5m left and in our store. The lady was really confused as she couldn't find in anywhere. I told her that it was no rush and that she should call me when she found it. I'm still waiting as mentioned... I guess I'll drop by next week again and remind her ^^

Otherwise I'm back to corsetry land. I made two patterns (the TV110 and a modified version of it) and fitted two mockups last weekend. One mockup of a pattern I made before the exam is due for fitting this weekend (hopefully). Also I stitched up a petticoat for my underbust skirt and went to remove the binding of two corsets of my "1st generation". They fell nowhere near "real" corsets, but they look too nice, to just slaughter them out for the steel. I add a new binding to one and am almost done with unpicking the inside seam of the other corset's binding and finishing it by hand then. It looks so much better. So although these corsets won't be worn as corsets, they'll serve as design samples.
But I do plan to slaughter out at least two of my older corsets to reuse the busk and steel boning. One corset will be remade with a better fitted pattern and the same fashion fabric. I've got enough left for another corset.

So yeah, I keep myself busy ;)

Okay that's it for now.

Have a great weekend

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