Friday, July 2, 2010


Hello friends!

I'm at my parents' for my Mom's birthday party at the weekend, so I just wanted to drop a quick note here.

Today we got the results of our exams and I passed *yay* as well as all other examinees.
We didn't get to know how good (or bad) we passed, only that we did.

The board members only critisized a few spots in the short meeting we had and they really liked my embroidery.
Also it seemed that a misunderstanding caused this mass of embroidery. They somehow missed that the embroidery would cover the whole collar (although it was very well to see in my drawing), and since I made the design smaller to fit on the page (which I noted underneath, also I had marked the central back, which makes clear that there'll be two halves), they thought the decoration element would be too small, also the little sample I included seemed to confuse them, too. I thought it was obvious that it was just a demonstration of the stitches and colours I intended to use.
However it looks better with the cuffs embroidered, too and I would have originally also done it, if there hadn't been the time issue.
But oh well. I managed to do the whole thing and made them happy with it ;) (And who doesn't like getting compliments? ^^)

We will get the apprenticeship diploma on September 10th at an official celebration event. For now we only got a certificate stating we passed the exam. It also states that we should immediately show it to our bosses to be registered to the new (higer) wage level. Maybe I should try this with my boss, too *lol* But I doubt I'd get paid even a cent more :/ (and I also don't think my new "making me look smart" glasses - which I will get next week- will help with this matter).

Anyway, this weekend is for celebration and I'm gonna show off at the b-day party tomorrow *lol* Fortunately my Grandpa's house is just next to the party place, so I can change quickly and do a mini fashion show ;) (if it wasn't that hot outside I would have worn the suit, but so rather not^^)

Next week I want to treat myself a bit by getting some more of the wool flanell to make a long skirt matching the jacket.

Okay... the quick note has become quite long I see ;)
So I'm off now, gotta get up tomorrow quite early.

Have a great weekend


  1. Woohoo!

    *does a happy dance*

    Awesome, sweetie! CONGRATULATIONS!

  2. Forgot to sign my name. :)

    Realynn :)