Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Waaaaahhh *panic*

Hey you!

Wow, I just can't believe how fast time flew by. It's only one day until the exam starts and I get really nervous now.
I can't help the feeling of having forgotten something important. (I guess one always has this feeling.)

Anyway, I should tell you what I did the last week. And I owe you notchies *yay*

So I got out everything I needed, including my piece list and started labeling and notching like crazy.
In the end I got two nice mountains of notchies, one from the notching itself and one from cutting out holes to hang up the pieces.

So here I got the mass of pattern pieces hanging under my bed in all their glory *lol*
I only hope the examination board will approve everything. Somehow I'm afraid that I could disqualified because I did something wrong... it's stupid as I had asked about quite many things and they told me just to do it like I learned it, but know?

Also last week I mentioned some embroidery testing, it actually was just to find the best looking way to make the stem stitch. I found a finnish instruction from my student exchange 6 years ago and it showed the stitching much better than my other books (I really don't know why I seem to learn needle crafts better in a foreign language *lol*)
But here is my sample piece... very unspectacular
Sunday I made some weltpocket samples. Well I only made the welts and left out the pocket bags (I haven't got to practise them ^^), I also stitched around the button holes for another sample piece.
Btw. my old machine now purrs like a kitten after being at the shop. It runs sooo smooth *woot*.

I should be fine now in the exam, if my timeplan works out like in theory, I should also be able to do a couple more on Sunday, as I won't start with them before Monday.
Same goes for the button holes, I made four yesterday. It's mocking me that I will probably will be the slowest buttonhole sewer among the examinees, but oh well. As long as they are buttonholes to button up the jacket, they (hopefully) won't let me fail. I just don't have the time and nerves to do 100 more button holes for practise.
You can actually see some progress from the right to the left. I hope they will work good in the exam, but I only need to worry about them next week ;)

Today I did some more embroidery. Time looks good with it. So I hope in the exam I'll also be fine and without bigger complications.
I really can't say how glad I am to have purchased the very small embroidery hoop. It lays much better in my hand than the big ones, although I have to change it's position more often, but the stitching works better.

Tonight I filled out the time list and in theory I've got about two hours to spare (but there are no extra potty breaks etc. included yet). So I shouldn't be afraid that I won't be able to manage it in time.
Another thing that has me nervous is the interview which is part of the exam (counts 20%). I have no clue what they could be asking me. On one hand it makes me feel better as I can go into it without giving it too much thoughts and just answer what comes to my mind. On the other hand, it makes me nervous that I will totally screw up with it.

Gah... it's making my itchy *lol*
I only have to make sure to not forget anything. I will order a cab for Friday morning after I'm done with this entry. I better to it tonight, so they have time to eventually call me back for questions or so...
The idea came from my mom (I'd never thought of that myself ^^) and she is right, it'll be much more relaxed to go there by cab than tram/bus and I can also take my serger with me ( I hope the cabdriver will be so nice to help me carry my machines). The extra money won't have me starving *lol* I saved so much by not having to go south for the exam that the cab should be no real luxury in this case.
Oh, I just remembered that I also need to get a week ticket for the tram tomorrow. *adds to list*

Okay, I guess that's all for today. I'm not sure if I will post tomorrow... probably not. I'll see you latest after the exam, I mean, I got to tell you how it went and all ;)

Okay so cross your fingers for me, but not think of me - I get hiccups then ^^

Have a great time

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