Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Taming the cardboard...

Hello my fellow readers!

Just a little update on my progress.
As I mentioned in my last post, I spent the weekend dealing with huge card board sheets and plastic foil.
Against my plan last week, I finished the embroidery stencils first. I had gotten quite far until Saturday after work, so I decided to cut out the few missing pieces and get it done before putting the cutting mats away and getting out the cardboard.
But I'll better let pictures speak for my actions ;)

embroidery stencils

The card boards: Grey is for the fashion fabric and red for the lining... just like their respective fabric colors, so I can't mix them up ^^
These sheets are 100x70cm big (they almost cover my table).
I missed to take a pic of the sheet for the interfacing (blue), I was too fast on starting cutting the pieces out. Also I had to go and get another blue sheet as three pieces didn't fit on the first one. (But I only got a smaller sheet of 50x70cm^^) I then also got a green sheet to make some stitching stencils. The cuff pattern was too big to fit on the A4 sheets I have at home, so I had to get a bigger one.

So today I finished cutting the pieces out and got these mountains of cardboard pattern pieces
On the right edge of the pic you can also see the weights I made from 12 glass tealight holders and modelling compound. As they were too light for my taste, I simply glued two together to get 6 weights in total and they work fine so far (they better will do in the exam, too *lol*)

So tomorrow I have to label and notch the pieces. I even got a pattern notcher specially for this task. It wasn't exactly cheap, but I know it'll be worth it. Maybe I can win the "Miss Pretty Pattern Pieces" award then or so *muahaha* I'm really curious how the patterns of the other examinees will look.
Anyway I try and save all "notchies" and show you the mountain in a few days latest ;)
And I need to remember to check the pieces with my pattern list while labeling them, to make sure I really got all pieces.

Okay, I'm off to bed, gotta notch in the morning *lol*
Have a good night and a great day

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