Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hurry Kids, we've got no time...

Hey guys!

I know it's been a couple of weeks already since my last post, but there wasn't actually much to tell. Also I only got three new pics for you.

The other weekend I made another mock-up of the jacket body. I had dragged down the bust dart to 2cm below the actual bust point. I also gave some more ease into the upper part of the waist darts in order to further eliminate these stupid wrinkles. It did help a bit... the wrinkles are not as deep as they were before (like predicted they are quite half as big now), still not eliminated completely. I hope that I can iron them away in the wool fabric.
You don't see much difference to the last pictures, but I'll show you anyway ;)

During the week I continued drawing the missing pattern pieces and also made an attempt to cut a stencil for the cuff embroidery out of PP foil. Unfortunately the foil was quite thick so the cutter had a hard time to get through and the pieces didn't come out a nice as hoped.
Nonetheless I tested it and made an embroidery sample last Sunday morning. Also to test how the new design would work. It will indeed save me some time in the exam which is great.
Here's the sample (I still need to iron over it)
It's really hard to catch the true colors of it.

I used better embroidery thread this time, and the colors are quite close to the ones I'm gonna use in the exam. It's a different brand though, but I think they should behave similar. I'm gonna test some more in the remaining two weeks.
OMG, only two weeks left. At this time in two weeks I'm already done with day 1 and looking at the time I better be in bed then as I have to catch the tram at 6 am the Saturday morning (exam day 2).

Anyway this week I finished on the pattern pieces and cut a new cuff embroidery stencil out of thinner foil. It worked much better, but I need to test it still and see if the cut outs are big enough for my chalk pen. I also started on cutting out the collar embroidery stencil.
This weekend will be spend with transferring the pattern pieces onto card board. I hope to get it done until Sunday evening. It's kind of the biggest step of exam prepatations, as it means I'm quite ready for the exam. As soon as I'm then done with the last foil stencil I'm ready to go. The rest is practising and then of course cutting the main pieces of the jacket and skirt and interfacing and marking them in the days right before the exam.

I also managed to get some more information about the work room the exam will be done in. My ex-intern made a contact to an internal examinee from the theater she was at for probational work (she got the apprenticeship btw *woot*).
I called the girl this evening and asked her about the machines and such. Unfortunately she told me that they had only been in these rooms once or twice at the beginning of their education, so she couldn't remember everything well. But this also means that the other examinees don't have a big advantage in handling the machines there.
She also told me that there were two (quite small) rooms, one for cutting and pressing, one for sewing. Also the ironing boards are two standard and two with air function *yay*. (Now I hope those two also have a steam compressor- sorry I got spoiled in fashion school^^).
There are two sergers and we will be around 10 examinees *phew, could have been worse*, also she will bring her own serger, so we're down to nine people sharing the other two at least ^^ (I'd bring my own, too, but already hauling my sewing machine there and all the other stuff in the tram and bus will be horrible enough). However I think it'll be managable this way.
I also managed to finally get a hold of the teacher lady again to tell me where the sewing rooms are and their number. *lol*

Okay, I guess that's it so far. I need to go to bed, I almost fell asleep twice while writing this.

Have a great weekend


  1. I can see a difference! The wrinkling is definitely less around the bust. I hope you get lots of sleep before your exam!

  2. Thanks Jo, this means much to me.
    Sometimes it's hard to make things show in pictures ;)
    I hope the wool flanell will be helpful with the wrinkles.
    Yeah, I will need a good nights rest before, maybe I should start getting used to leave the bed earlier in the morning *lol*. Good thing that I took the days off work before the exam because of the preparations, but also to sleep enough ;)