Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Done... over and out


I'm done with the exam!! Thank God.
Now I can sleep longer than 5 am again *yay*

I'm so glad it's over, although I must admit I also had a bit fun doing it. I should work that straight through more often, although maybe not 5 days in a row. But now and then it could be cool *lol* And you really get something done, as you see...
A two piece lady's skirt suit including 8 hours embroidery in less than 40 hours working time.
I made it (accordingly to my timeplan results this afternoon) with 110 minutes to spare, although I hung the suit away only like 45 minutes before the official end... But I actually don't really care where those other 65 minutes have gone besides being used in a couple of potty breaks...
However I did get everything done in time and, if I may say so, I did a quite good job. I'm pleased with the outcome although of course there are a few spots that could have been better... as always. But as you have only limited time you'll have to live with imperfectness. And one has to keep in mind that we all are only humans and nobody is perfect (even one of the teachers said that one day during the exam to calm us a bit).

So after the embroidery went so well yesterday (I even did one cuff motiv in less than 90 minutes yesterday morning and surprised myself ^^) today I had to deal with a pulling lining in the front of the jacket. What a sh*t. I had to open one dart, let fabric out, sew it smaller towards the hem and attach it to the hemfacing again... by hand because I had to hold it tight so it wouldn't slip away again...You now see where the old dart stitch line was, but at least the lining isn't pulling anymore. I told the examination board about this in the interview and also that I had to make the whole pattern drafting by myself and tried to get the hem part in place already (and was very successful in the back with it).
At least the one board lady said my jacket was very nice :) I hope it'll show in the exam result. On Friday we get note if we passed or failed, but not the grade yet. :/
Otherwise I rocked the other examinees with my embroidery, they called me crazy to do an 8 hour embroidery, but I told them it hadn't been my idea to do the cuffs, too. Most of the others did welting as decoration, seems it is one fave deco of the board's head... *duh*
Anyway I'm happy that I got so many compliments on it and one girl (she's so cute^^) said I should get an A just because of the bad ass embroidery *woot*
I don't think I will, but still.
And I don't think I will fail either... I mean I did meet all requirements and finished both pieces in time... And my seams are straight and one can very well wear it without feeling ashamed. They rather not dare letting me fail...

So this afternoon I packed all my stuff and hauled it back home in a sauna like heat... I basically dropped it on my table and haven't found the motivation to pack it away etc. yet... I'll deal with it tomorrow after sleeping till 9 at least *muahaha*

What else to tell? Oh, I need a new sleeve board. I can't put mine up stable anymore and if I remember correctly I heard it falling down at one point yesterday. But oh well, a new one doesn't cost a fortune.

Okay, that's it I think.

Have a good night everyone and a great late week ;)


  1. How proud are you of yourself right now? I know I am jumping with joy here! Congrats, darling!