Saturday, June 26, 2010

2 days done... 3 to go

Hello my fellow readers!

So the panic subsided a little bit, although I still got enough adrenalin flowing through my body (But I guess that's good as it keeps me awake and alert during the day and now I can sleep again).

The night before the exam I hardly slept and when I dozed of the first time I dreamed pure shit ^^ (about the exam completely failing and the other examinees being total b*tches -- the typical fears of an unknown situation *g*).
Anyway, so far the exam is going quite well and I'm even a bit ahead of my timeplan. It's been a good thing to take my own machines, today I even took my iron and sleeve board with me, because the irons there are pure crap. I tried to get one steam ironing station on there, but failed pretty hard, so I took a simple steam iron, but it behaved not well and was all sticky on the interfacing. Also the seamallowances didn't really staye flat... so my precious pink iron it had to be with the genius 150g steam shot *lol*
The air function of the ironing board is just a sad excuse but better than nothing at all. (Like I said I was spoiled in fashion school ^^)
But the general space is not as bad as I was afraid it would be. It's not big, but okay. It would have been worse while cutting if the others had to cut their lining, too.
But appearently they were told to cut it already before the exam, while I was told to only do it in the exam... nice, huh? Took me about 90 minutes extra to cut it... along with my small pieces and their interfacing.
I still managed to get it done faster than I had thought (yay for rotary cutters) so I'm not mad or pissed. Yet I feel somewhat treated unfair by this.
Luckily the other girls agree on the unfairness and if I should run out of time in the end I'd go to the teachers and try to get an extra hour or so... we'll see, so far I'm good in time, so I'll leave it be for the moment.

However the other girls are pretty nice, which is good.
But as the exam goes on I feel like they work completely different than I do. It's really weird. Maybe it just seems like it does, but maybe it is really so... I guess my approach on sewing is more industrial. I only hope in the end the difference won't be overly noticable in the look of the pieces. (I'm aware that my pressing skills are not the best, but I hope otherwise there won't be a big difference.)

Anyway, the skirt is fully done and I'm one step closer to pass the exam. Monday I'll proceed with the welt pockets *ugh*, sleeves and other stuff of the jacket and if everything goes well I may even get the first motiv embroidered.

Okay, I'm going to bed now, getting up at 5 am is so not my thing ^^ Yesterday I lay in bed at 9:30 pm, I can't remember the last time I went to sleep that early...

Have a nice Sunday and stay tuned for more updates.

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  1. Oh, woohoo! I am so happy you are doing so well. You're a genious, sweetie.

    That was a bit unfair, i agree. But you show them hell, sweetie and prove you rock at this. :)

    3 more days to go!!!