Friday, May 21, 2010

You can (almost) wear it...

Hello @ all!

It's me again with a little update on the progress of my test model.
So as the title already promises I'm almost done *wohoo*Today after work I handhemmed the skirt, so now all I have to do is the buttonholes and buttons on the jacket.But let's got back to where I stopped last time...
As I mentioned I had finished the skirt except for the hem, with the new ruffles attached it looked already really nice

The zipper looks weird at the left side, but it's only on the dolly, the hem is pinned here

Then I continued with the jacket- took care of those wrinkles in the back, set the waist 1cm lower at the side seam and attached the new sleeves. They're still a little tight around the upper arm, but much better than the other ones. I guess in jackets this tight you can't get wide sleeves without using puffed sleeves^^

The shoulder pads are pinned in place also

Next thing to do was getting the welt pockets in, I haven't done them since I'm out of fashion school, so I guess I need to practise them again a bit ;)
One got quite alright, the other a bit less, but I can wear the jacket still (not that anyone will come this close to look at them *g*)

right pocket, left pocket, inside (pocket bag - tiny but a tissue for my hayfever fits inside^^)

The next pictures show the jacket after quite a few more steps:
- the shoulderpads are sewn in place, before some wool padding for the top shaping was added
- the collar was assembled and sewn into the neckline
- the cuffs were sewn on and turned- the lining and facings were attached
- everything was thoroughly pressed

And some close ups of the embroidery on the model

Things done after the "shooting":
- the lining was losely fixed around the sleeves/armhole
- the sleeve lining was fixed near the hem, to prevent showing
- the hem facings were fixed to the body at the seam allowance
- the last opening of the lining was handsewn closed

- the skirt hem was hand sewn

Things to be done:
- 5 tailored (handsewn) buttonholes
- 5 buttons (which I need to find still^^)

So yeah, I'm good in my time plan, leaving me enough time for the remaining preparations and excercises, without getting too stressed.

Thanks for reading, have a nice weekend

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