Friday, May 28, 2010

Oh nooo!!! *argh*

Hello my dears!

Just a quick update-post.

So I spent the last three days drafting the new jacket pattern (including the lower waist). As there wasn't much on TV tonight and I see that time is running (only 4 weeks to go!!! - that devious ticker^^) and I've probably got some other appointments coming, too, I decided to get ahead a bit and finish drafting, tracing the pieces through and cutting them out.
So far everything went well and I can start on making another mock-up this weekend.
As it wasn't too late when I was done, I decided on giving the cuff drafting a go. So I happily drew the new seam and hem allowance as well as enough turn of cloth on my pattern when I noticed that my pattern looks very different from the example in the book my intern had given me last week. (That's where I saw this way of drafting the first time).
The whole hemline curving looked somewhat reversed. So out of curiosity I got my sleeve pieces out and layed them out like the book suggested and there the catastrophy started...
I had layed the pieces together on the wrong seam!! So the whole draft was twisted. (Now I btw. know why there are those wrinkles in the sleeve when it's hanging down.) I really don't know how this happened and the cuff doesn't look so bad on the sleeve, so that's probably why I didn't notice earlier.
Anyway so now I had to draft a completely new cuff. *argh*
I did and got a very different shape, which means that I also had to change the embroidery design to match the new shape. *sigh*
But this also gave me the opportunity to make the design a bit smaller and leave out a couple leaves, meaning I will probably save a few minutes for embroidering in the exam... could sum up to about half an hour, which is gooood ^^

For your better understanding here are two pics:

I tried to get the same angle at the underarm seam (the right line), so you could see how different the shape is (look at the reversed curved lower line).
The first pic is the old version, the second the new one. I tried to take over the flower design at first but when I had drawn it in, I wasn't too happy with the angle (it spread quite wide over the whole area and would wound too much to the front of the arm)), so I decided to change it.

Tell me what you think about, does the new embroidery fit or should I stick to the old one and fit it in somehow? Does it look weird with the two leaves missing?

Okay that's it for now, I gotta go to bed.

Have a great time and sleep well

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