Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mock-up, oh mock me not!

Hello Fans ;)

Something new from the mock-up front.
I made another one testing the new length of the jacket. (I hope this will be the last mock-up, though.)
Btw. may I present you a perfect example of optimized management of resources?
This are the left overs from the last mock up ^^

Okay, to make it short: I made the mock-up, put it on and... well...

I need to add back what I took from the hips in the basic pattern (I guess last time I took the width away with the darts and seams, so I need it at the side seam again), the waist sits where it's supposed to be *yay* and the length in general is good. I only need to smooth out the bottom line a bit - taking about 1,5cm away from the front at the second dart and add 1,5cm in the back at the side/mid panel seam.

Now of course there has to be a catch... as always.
Today it's the area at the top of the front darts.
You might remember that I shortened the darts in the test model, because they ended too high for my liking (and my design), so I shortened them by 4,5 and 4 cm. You also might remember me mentioning those wrinkles I got above the darts then, where I thought it was because of too little pressing.
Well what can I say? They're back! Yipieh! *insert irony here*

stupid little things (and yes I'm wearing cherry pink glitter nail polish^^)

So actually I shouldn't be surprised that those wrinkles are there as they are caused by the excessive width left from the shortening, still I don't want them there! *narf*
So now I'm not sure how to properly solve this problem... 
My thoughts so far were to drag down the bust dart in the basic pattern, while it's still lying in the shoulder, to the lowered waist dart point. So when I fold out the bust dart and open the waist darts, the width around the bust point disappears and with that the wrinkles. 
Not the worst and most difficult solution. But yet I've got one concern with it: When I eliminate the width, there will also be about 1cm missing over the whole chest circumference then. Can I just add this back at the side seam??

Gah, always me and my complicated problems *lol*
But it would be too simple to do everything the easy way *muahaha* Although now I think I've got enough challenge for this model ^^.

Okay, that's it. If you got a solution for my problem, please drop me a line.

Have a good Sunday


  1. Hey!

    Checking if this works now. :)

  2. Hey!

    It works, but only if I leave it as Anonymous. :) I'll just sign my name at the bottom, so you'll know it's me.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that everything looks simply fantastic and amazing! I love it. And you have all my respect for being so awesome.


  3. Thank you, Hon!
    You'll become my fave Anonymus (although I really don't get why it won't work with your name...) :)