Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's going on...

Hey @ all!

Just a little update on my test model... pictures will follow over the weekend I hope.

So as I already wrote in my last post, I planned on getting the skirt done last weekend. It would have worked, if the ruffles had behaved like I had wanted them to... but they didn't and I ended up with a really sad excuse of ruffles.
So Saturday night I thought about leaving it like that and just go on as planned but after sleeping it over one night, I decided to give it another try if the fabric would allow. So I spend the whole Sunday morning and noon with tracing through all missing pattern pieces and cutting the fashion fabric, so I'd see if there was enough for new ruffles. And it worked *yay*
I even have some fabric to spare... now I also can be sure that my 3m will be enough for the exam.
However I then undid the old ruffles - picking the serging was a nightmare- and did the new version. This time I also decided to line them instead of doing a rolled hem on them. This just didn't work out as nicely as I had hoped, but the now very sassy red lining will be a nice feature.
Also the new version turned out so much better... nice frilly, fluffy ruffles... now we're talking victorian again *lol*

So this change of plan left me with the lining etc to do these last three days. But it was alright, it doesn't really matter what I get done first, it's not like I wasted time.
So now the skirt is almost done, I only need to handsew the hem.
I also made the final design for the embroidery on collar and cuffs and made a stencil for both just this evening. Cutting those little pieces out took forever and was really tiring for my hands and head.
I'll have to try out what method will work best to get the lines on the fabric then, for this piece I guess I'll try "powdering" means dusting chalk powder over it and rub it a little into the slits of the stencil, then trace the lines with a white pencil if neccessary. I tried using a white kajal pencil, but it's too soft and creamy... maybe the nail whitener pencil is harder... I need to test it.
Any advice on this matter is highly appreciated. Using carbon paper just doesn't work at all...
So everything is ready for my embroidering day tomorrow. I'm happy that I can stick to my plan with this. I really really hope that I somehow manage to get the embroidery done in six hours max, as I shouldn't spend more time on it in the exam, too... 40 hours for the whole thing isn't that much.
I hope my (now) ex-intern can get some information out of the other trainee from the theatre about how many examinees we will be and how many machines we have to share.

Okay, I'm going to bed now. I need to have working eyes and hands tomorrow ;)
Cross your fingers my hot water is running again... it had some problems this evening after there were some repairings done in the morning... It wouldn't be a good thing to have no warm water with a holiday ahead...*ugh*

Good night and have a nice time

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