Friday, May 14, 2010

I see flowers bloom...

Hey you!

As promised pictures will follow.
First the pics from the weekend and this early week:
the very sad excuse of ruffles I mentioned Wednesday/Thursday night

laying out the pattern pieces to check the fabric left for new ruffles

the new ruffle patterns

the sassy red lining - isn't it gorgeous?
(but a nightmare to work with...)

the new ruffles, nice frilly and fluffy... very victorian ^^

So yesterday I really spent the whole day embroidering the collar and cuffs... it took me around 9 hours... I was rewarded with a nice migraine today for it *gnah*

The cuff embroidery transfered with an artist's chalk pen (I remembered to have this left from fashion school and it's not as hard as the white pencil and nail whitener pencil and not as soft as the white kajal)

about two hours later - the first cuff is done
The second cuff was just like the first, only with a mirrored motiv

the first half of the collar embroidery ready to get started

about two and a half hours later - done

another (excact) two hours later - the collar is also done *yay*

Yesterday's "daywork" on full display

it's nowhere near perfect and quite asymmetrical, but I still like it... it looks like real handwork

What I learned:
- I need to practise embroidering (this was my first embroidered "picture" using this technique at all and I can't remember of having done such a big embroidery before)
- I need to get cleaner and evener stitches
- I need to develop some kind of "system" for the elements of the motiv, so they'll become more symmetrical
- I need to get faster...much faster (I really shouldn't need more than 7-8 hours in the end)
- I need to use quality thread (For this test piece I used some old embroidery thread from my granny that always tended to troddle open and mock me ^^)
- if possible split embroidering in the exam on two days
- me fingers ouch ( I need to get a finger protector for my left middle finger to avoid stitching into the skin when I push up the fabric)
- the day after: me head ouch
and last but not least
- I really enjoyed embroidering =) as long as I'm not under time pressure and can stop anytime I want I will do it again and maybe also test new stitches and techniques

Okay I need to rest my head a little (and now my neighbours just start to drill in their walls *argh*)
Thanks for watching, comments and critique are as always very welcome.

Have a nice weekend

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