Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Starting out...

Hello @ all!

I'm sorry it took me so long again, but there also wasn't much to tell.

Anyway, last Monday I got my portfolio back and everything has been approved so far.
Only the decor embroidery is too less for the board's taste, so now I have to add some more embroidery on the cuffs of my model.
Speaking of model: Now that it has been approved I can show you what I want to do for my exam:

It's a late victorian inspired two piece lady's suit.
The jacket is shaped like a cuirass bodice of the late 1870s, but I had to keep some things a bit more modern, like the shoulder area and the weltpockets. But the seams and darts are like in the original bodice.
The skirt is knee covering and fitting around the waist and hips and flaring out to the hem with small godets. The waistband is bodice like close fitting and in the central back there are three ruffles as a modern interpretion of the victorian bustle skirt. Underneath I want to hide the required open slit, so it won't be really visible.
The stand-up collar is to be embroidered with a flower pattern as will the cuffs be now, too.
I will make up the design for it when I have the final shape of the cuffs later.

The weekend prior I already had traced through my basic jacket and skirt patterns, so I could get started on drafting the model patterns last week. I don't have pictures of it, as you won't see much of the pencil lines on the brown paper anyway.
However I have pics of the pattern pieces I traced through and cut out for the jacket and skirt.
It's only the main pieces so far as I wanna cut them and sew them together to check the fit in a test model (a high quality mock-up^^) and eventually correct the pieces before drafting all the smaller pieces like collar, cuffs, pockets etc. and the lining pieces.

I hope to get started on cutting tomorrow. I have the fabric already out of my stock(I want to only use fabrics from my enormous stash and only buy additional things like interfacing new), but I need to iron it again before laying the pattern out and cut... this will take a bit time ^^
I hope to have gotten most of this basic test model done by the end of the weekend, so I can draft the smaller pieces next week.

Okay, that's it for today. See you soon (I hope).
Enjoy your time =)

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  1. *excited* Awesome, sweetie!

    Best of luck!