Saturday, March 27, 2010


Hello my dear readers,

so I finished my exam portfolio last weekend (it worked out faster than I had thought in the end) and gave it in to be approved on Wednesday.
The teacher-lady who is also part of the examination board had a quick look over it to make sure everything needed is in and I just had to sign my last page as I had to give in a disclaimer, too and I hadn't known about it. But I had made some kind of disclaimer and contact info on my last page stating that I made the drawings and everything my self and that decoration elements of others remain in their property and I only used them for decoration without making any financial profit from the usage.
She accepted the text and just told me to sign the page.

There also was another portfolio already and she showed me the disclaimer from there. Anyway, the glimpse I could catch of this portfolio showed me that this examinee had a totally different approach to the design than I. Which is good... I think *lol*

However, now all I can do is wait. The portfolio will be back at April 16th. But as I can't go to the vocational school at this day, I told the teacher that I will pick it up the next Monday and she'll give it to the school secretary then.
Cross your fingers that everything is fine and will be approved.

So in the meantime I have a bit time to work on a corset commision for a dear friend of mine. I really hope to get it off the table in the next few weeks. It really took us long enough, but I'm quite sure it'll go faster now. Today I build in the front closure busk and joined all lining pieces. Tomorrow I'm gonna sew all fashion/strength layer pieces together and at least start on adding the boning channels next to the seams.

Okay, I think that's it so far for tonight. I'm gonna go to bed soon, as they are stealing an hour this night *ugh*

Have a great time

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